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04-30-2007, 04:40 PM
There is some new rumors flying about a new expansion. Here is a list of the new AA's via the Patch history.

These are the names of the New Druid AA's:

Fierce Eye Aura Effect: All Classes with mana: Self Crit chance AA by 10%

Nature's Gift: Upgrade to Healing Ward

Spirit of the Timeless Grove: SOTG Line Upgrade

Tundra Bear: Upgrade to Icefall Bear

Spirit of the Arctic Wolf: Upgrade Spirit of White Wolf (and yes its still only 1 minute)

Improved Union of Spirits: Upgrade to Single Target SOTG

So far they are kinda weak, but hey... who knows things can change..


05-01-2007, 01:05 AM
The reason those look weak, is because they are simply copies of the top existing AA they would be upgrades too.

05-01-2007, 02:14 AM

05-01-2007, 12:21 PM
They added a ton of placeholders with the 4/18 patch. Fierce Eye Aura is currently tagged as an enchanter aura, so while the effect is tagged as a druid (and many other classes) AA, don't expect it to be for us. Of course it is very early and everything is speculation at this point.

Name of the expansion is: Secrets of Faydwer
Expected release in November.

Possible zone names:

652 Fortress Mechanotus
653 Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
654 The Steam Factory
655 S.H.I.P. Workshop
656 Gyrospire Bezia
657 Gyrospire Zeka
658 Dragonscale Hills
659 Loping Plains
660 Hills of Shade
661 Bloodmoon Keep
662 Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened
663 The Mechamatic Guardian

Lots of speculation about Kerafyrm making an appearance in Crystallos.

05-02-2007, 12:02 AM
The SOE board is talking about how they are going to join Gfay and Lfay and redo Tree City. I hope it looks nice! My home town!

05-02-2007, 02:27 PM
The SOE board is talking about how they are going to join Gfay and Lfay and redo Tree City. I hope it looks nice! My home town!
I bet its laggy as hell, and elves will be so lagged out from the pretty graphics that they will fall off, insta-die, get pissed, and re-roll as the superior class - Halflings.

05-08-2007, 12:24 PM
omg, not my kelethin and its music =((

05-10-2007, 04:24 AM
Wheeh! I can hardly wait. Maybe they add some teleport pads for slackers like I am!

05-12-2007, 12:56 AM
An AA that I would love to have the divine balance AA that clerics have. Cant say we will NEVER get this AA, we was told we would NEVER get group heals.

05-24-2007, 07:14 PM
Go for a "spread heal" instead of a divine balance.

It is different and just as useful.