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05-10-2007, 10:24 AM
Hello all. I am returning to EQ after spending the last 2 and a half years in the Middle East working. A lot has changed but I am still love my 65 Druid. I am trying to find a place that I can solo and get XP to about halfway through 66 before I focus on AA's for a while. Any ideas on zones to solo as a 65 Druid for XP and then to solo for AA XP as a 66?

Thank you all in advance for your help.

05-10-2007, 06:37 PM
If you can get into Halls of Honor, quadding or root-rotting guards in the temples at least used to be excellent XP. And kinda fun, for awhile. I vaguely remember that sometimes a Sentry will spawn and since those can't be snared you have to do a full-speed rot-kite on those.

Always nice to spice up a quad camp with a challenge or 2!

05-11-2007, 09:44 AM
I found that the "Hot Zones" offer much better xp then traditional high xp spots. For example, I did some charming in Plane of Nightmare, but I found that spiders in Dragon Necropolis was better xp at 53.

The 65 hotzone is Wall of Slaughter.

05-13-2007, 12:25 PM
I have really sporadic play times. Sometimes I will play for 6 or 8 hours several days straight when I get really into it (I know, that's not alot for some people but it is for me), and sometimes I will go a month without logging on. I played with a guild for awhile but I'm going through another loner stage, which led me to put my put my 70 cleric on the shelf and pull the 66 druid out again. She was my original character and main for years and I will always love her. Plus, she fits my play style just right.

Anyway, when TBS came out I hung out on Monkey Island in the Buried Sea for awhile, which is where we port to so that's lovely. Animals there were dark blue and white at 66. Then, one of the tasks led me to the regrua crabs, that are on the aviak island (can't remember what the island is called offhand). The crabs spawn in two different areas. They are yellow to me at 66, not bad regular exp and great aa (about 12% aa exp I believe, I'm in the middle of a month long hiatus so it's hard to remember). When I run lesson or one of the anniversary potions I get a yellow aa per kill. And they are easily killable even with my measily 6kish mana pool, with plenty of mana left over. Most are single pullable with only an occasional wanderer that adds, and they are easy to outrun and wait for the aggro to drop if you don't have exodus yet or if it's down. Plus, they are animals and have no faction hits so you can go afk right in the middle of them with no worries as long as you aren't in the middle of killing one. I like to root/rot, but kiting is easy too, and sometimes I burn them down with nukes when I have lots of mana. I'm sure they could be quadded with a better mana pool, but if you could do that you would probalby want to kill harder things anyway.

There is a task in the barren coast that asks for 5 of a no drop shell from them, which gives faction and experience, so while you are killing them you can keep doing the task over and over for a bit extra. I'm also an avid tradeskiller, so the crab claws are nice for baking. I've gotten several stacks and have buckets of crab legs coming out the ears.

On the same island there are other animals that are yellow and red at 66 as well if you are adventurous. Most of the aviaks are red, and I have killed them for something different to do, but they suck up lots of mana so watch yourself if you don't have an abundance.

Anyway, there you have it. I am absolutely in love with the Buried Sea as a solo Druid. There are lots of other islands with things to kill as well but I havn't really tried them yet. Figured I'd get a level or two and I am having a blast raking the aa's in. At 65 I would hang out on monkey island for awhile (watch the disease that the animals cast, it's nasty - you have to be in a certain range for it, so you'll want to root/rot to be safe). You can check out the crabs and see how they go, I have had my husbands' 65 bard with me and I believe they were yellow to him as well so they may be no problem for you depending on mana pool. And there are tasks to pick up for about everything you can kill in that zone, as well as exploring tasks.

It's a great place, peaceful where I hunt at, even when the zone is full of people, relaxing, and pretty safe if you are careful. Great for a casual player and/or soloer - and it's nice to see that exp bar moving at the same time.

Gotta warn you though, if you are on Druzzil Ro and camp them for hours on end without being willing to share, I'll have to smack you. :hit:


05-18-2007, 12:34 PM
I found that when I was mid sixties - soloing in vxed was awesome experience. Petered out at the upper sixties though.

TSS has some good exp spots for root/rot druids. Steppes, Direwind, sunderock and icefall are all awesome spots for exp and you can work on some really good quests at the same time.

Especially direwind and icefall IMO because of the abundance of animals.

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