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05-16-2007, 01:33 PM

I just wanted to start a new thread to discuss the changes that will be going in with the patch today for Mastery of the Past/Spell Casting Expertise etc.

Prior to today the AAs were taking a cumulative total of the "max level" for your no fizzle check. So if you had all 3 ranks of Spell Casting Expertise, for example, your calculation would be (20 + 35 + 52 = 107) So any spell below level 107 would not fizzle, ever. This is a bug that has been reported repeatedly over the years by players but we have not had an opportunity to correct it until now. With this patch the AAs will work as described and only take the max level, as designed, from the AAs you currently own for a max (currently) of level 58.

This was something that Maddoc discovered when he was going through some of the spell code in preparation for some other changes that we will be making unrelated to this. Unfortunately when this was fixed it wasn't included in the patch message and I apologize for that.

In closing here are some statistics on fizzle so that we are all speaking the same language on this topic and using the correct information.

* If you fizzle a spell you will lose 40% of the mana cost of the spell you were attempting to cast
* If you fizzle you will lose no more than 1/8th of your mana (12.5%) This prevents you from losing too much mana if you cast a very expensive spell and have a low mana pool.
* You have up to a 95% chance to avoid fizzling with your spell casting skill and an additional 3% chance based on your specialization skill (which is very easy to achieve the 3%.) This works out to a 98% chance to avoid a fizzle or a 2% chance to fizzle.

In summary: on average you will fizzle 2% of the time and lose 40% of the mana cost of the spell that fizzled.

05-16-2007, 06:21 PM
Does this affect druids at all? We never got those AAs in the first place.
Stinks to be a bard, however.

05-16-2007, 06:45 PM
No, but I felt the information on Fizzling was worth posting.