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06-15-2007, 01:47 PM
Resilience, a family-oriented raiding guild on Erollisi Marr, is currently recruiting.
Resilience progression targets include Demiplane, ToB. Our Farm list includes Anguish, Vishimtar, TSS noninstanced bosses, and Blood Trials. We believe RL takes precedence before EQ and as such have no attendance requirement - BUT - if you are online during raid time, you should be with the raid. We allocate loot via DKP (officer moderated).

Minimum Requirements:
Level 75 and 150+ well-spent AA
Anguish signets, DSK flagging (DP preferred), and ToB flagging.
All of this is negotiable and/or list-able for the right person.

Our Raid Times:
Sundays: 4:45pm to 12:00AM EST
Monday - Thursday: 7:45pm to 12:00AM EST.

Resilience welcomes cross-server applicants ( looking for a new home! Visit our website ( for more information!