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06-21-2007, 09:41 AM
To all you 2.0 epic holders, I'm curious which aug(s) you have in your Staff of Everliving Brambles.

09-29-2007, 09:15 AM
This is a great question. Only type 4 I have is a 30 mana aug isnt there something out there better.


09-29-2007, 11:16 AM
(The type 8 slot is easy to fill, so I'll stick with the type 4 slot here.)
You can search for this on EQItems using the "Guru search".

Use these criteria, connected by "AND"s:
"mana >= 30"
"itemtype = 54" (item is an augment)
"augtype & 8" (augment can go in a type 4 slot)
"classes & 32" (druid usable)
"slots & 8192" (item is equippable in primary)

By far the best option is any BiC augment.

Apart from that, you have the two hp+30/mana+30 augments:
Gem of Bolstered Power, from the enraged maternal cragbeast in Tipt
Cipher of Veeshan, from completing the OLD Veeshan's Peak key then killing the dragon in Skyfire to get the new key

Gem of Whirling Auras is another option (mana+50) from an LDoN raid.

You could also go with Thrice-Warded Malachite (+10 to MR/PR/DR/FR/CR) or Warded Dragon Egg Fragment (hp+10, +8 to MR/PR/DR/FR/CR) from DoN merchants.

10-03-2007, 05:28 PM
I dropped the Rune of Futile Resolutions from Anguish on my 2.0. Easily attainable with a one group Aug Run.

As for the type 4 I've got a DoN lifetap aug, Deepsky Stone just for kicks. With the right AA's you can get crit procs for 300 and heal for 700-900. Kinda fun. I'm working on the BiC, once thats done or to an acceptable level, I'll be dropping the tap aug.

09-17-2008, 04:35 AM
I am Rocking the the Blood-Fueled Ragestone (type 8)
For your type 4 aug I would recomend doing atleast up to BiC #5. It is by far the best type 4 aug in the game. Yes thats right get your buts back to GoD!! It maxes out at 150 hp 200mana but unless you have raided GoD and have the last 4 Items needed you could get yours to say 80 hp 110 mana (#8) with the help of a few friends.

**Just a little FYI the Druid 2.5 with Prism of Captured Energy 190hp 210mana and BiC#14 150hp 200mana is the second best druid weapon in the game second only to the Cryst Raid Wyvern Staff

12-30-2008, 10:53 PM
Man I wish I had some of that mana you have Finla. I haven't broken 16k yet. I am currently using the following augs in the 2.0:

Type 4: DeepSky Stone (
Type 8: Right Eye of the Third Vampire (

I started BiC a while ago but got lost/sidetracked and deleted a lot of bank stuff. :banghead_

ay start this back up after reading these post.