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07-19-2007, 09:09 PM
Greetings most noble members of this forum!

I send each of you warm greetings from House Illumine. Come visit us by our fire. We will treat you with edible delicacies, fine wine and good company! May you be protected by the Light on your journey to our House.

join channel houseillumine
House Illumine is devoted to the ways of the Light…we protect it and uphold its laws. We do good where good can be done. Our guild strives to bring a brighter future to the world we live in and defend it when dire times are upon us. We embrace the brave ones of heart who do not succumb to the beguiling whispers of darkness.

House Illumine is a small intimate group of roleplayers who focus on aiding others and elevating the Good. We do not care of your season, but do closely consider what is within the mind and heart.

I would urge anyone who is interested in a goodly aligned roleplaying guild to get acquainted with us. While we are actively looking for new members, we also seek to build bridges and alliances with like minded adventurers.
We would be delighted to have more people in our guild family who enjoy roleplaying both in-game and in our forums. Please do come visit us and submit your application!
The House Gerant,
~Amentet of the Aes Dana