View Full Forums : Wraiths of Discord on Mealin Starpyre

07-22-2007, 08:47 AM
We are looking for a few good druids of level 70+, 150+ AA's, Flaged for qvic and anguished (If you do not have these please be actively working on them). We are a raiding guild and we Raid Sunday - Thursday from 8:30 PM EST - about midnight EST. A 60% raid attendence is required. Please if interested check out our new website (

Some of the things we are raiding lately and farming is as follows.

Tunat (farming)
Anguish(farming some raiding others)
PoR Dragons (Farming when available)
PoR Devistation mob (sorry forget the dwarfs name)
TSS{Mistwalker and Fizzleback}
DoD mob Shyra and some others when raid numbers are low
1.5 and 2.0 raid hits

If you have any questions you can send a tell to Laythorn and I will answer as best as I can to any serious questions.