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07-24-2007, 09:38 PM
Hello :)

Druids are currently "High need" right now, and recruitment is open!

Infinite Alliance ( is a family-style raiding guild that raids 4 times a week!
Application Forum ( | Requirements ( | Application Form (

Current Raid Times:
*Weekends - 7 EST
*Weekdays - 9 EST
*XP Nights are Tuesday / Friday / SaturdayCurrent Focuses Include:
*CoA - Farm status
*Tacvi - Farm status
*DoN - Farming Yar'Lir working on Vishmitar (16%!)
*DoDh - Working on Demiplane flagging raids. Current focus: Sendaii
*Relic - Farming dragonsRequirements
*Submit an applications, directions can be found here (
*At least level 70 with 150 aas to apply. Level 70 with 200 aas for full member.
*Not be guilded / applying to any other guilds
*Be able to maintain a 33% raid attendance for recruitment period (about 30 days)
*Anguish sigs, Txevu, Dreadspire, as well a Theater of Blood flags are a plus!Who to Contact
Have a question? Send a tell to one of the following
*Seneca (GL)
*Xarsiss (Ghrast)
*MeudarxOr you could simply PM ( me.

So, we look forward to hearing from you all soon!