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07-26-2007, 11:54 PM
Im a 75 druid ashen,demi,dk and so on and so forth flagged. I am looking for a guild that raids after 6pm pacific time. Here is my magelo so you get an idea of where I am sitting gear wise and such. if your guild is a match please give me a link to the website or whatever so I can look into it.

07-27-2007, 05:51 AM
I can't help much with the search but your link to your magelo doesn't work and I thought you should know.

your magelo ( points in the right direction though

07-27-2007, 08:02 AM
We're on the same server (The Tribunal) and raid from 5pm to 9pm Pacific time. So, 3/4 of our raid time is after 6pm. :) It's not ideal but you'd save yourself the hassle of a server transfer.

I'm guessing that you've already considered other guilds on the Tribunal, but I thought I'd post just in case you haven't. Brenya, our recruit officer, would be the best person to talk to if you're interested. Feel free to talk to me (Palarran) too.

For anyone else reading this, our primary raid target as of this post is Ashengate. We'll be entering Frostcrypt shortly, and we occasionally hit the Demiplane and Deathknell. We raid every day except Friday but do not expect people to make it to every raid; we simply expect you to raid if you're logged in during raid hours. We're a stable guild with a long history.

At the moment we're a bit low on druids. It's getting too quiet in our druid channel!

07-28-2007, 12:35 AM
We're on the same time as RIP, though the Erollisi Marr server. 8-midnight eastern (so 5-9pm PST).
- Guild raids Sun-Thur (never on Fri/Sat) and we look for 3x/week attendance or more.

First kill on Ayonae Ro 2 weeks ago with repeat this week (with Demi clearings); working AG factioning and Vergalid (~42 flagged for AG and Nurtha/Goru RIP 7/30/07). ( (ask for Bydr/Crystilla)

We do have a guild on the server that raids 9pm-1am PST (they're Sendaii away from entering Demi).

07-30-2007, 01:25 AM
One pacific guild on Cazic is Alarius, they raid after 8:30pm PST. Another is Descendants, on Saryrn. I am not sure how high druids fall on the 'need' list atm tho.