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How to fix MOST Custom UI's ( – Shared by Community Member -Lynk_Dead-
There are 10 easy steps. I have tried this on a couple of different UI's and has fixed all I have tried it on. Make sure to only copy/paste the correct portions into the correct files. Paladin vs. Shaman ( – Shared by Community Member bigbabe
I understand they have totally diffrent roles but what i want to know is if a Paladin droped out of combat and started to heal witch class is actually a better healer if that was what the Paladin was focusing on doing? Assume both of the classes have the same healing AA's and the same healing focus, who wins? Best puller class ( – Discussion started by Community Member Frenchkiss
Was Thinking of re-rolling a pure puller for a group. I haven't played any puller class before so would be interested which class pulls best for a group with minimum downtime. Group has already got warrior, cleric, druid, BST and I box one or two of them if wife is not around. My choice was between monk or bard but I really have no clue to which. Any good advice? Quested Spells in SoF ( - Discussion started by Community Member Nightbringer
What would you like to see for quested spells in SoF The core spells for classes should use the TSS system of vendor bought for Tier 1, mob drop for Tier 2. But then there are those special spells usually associated with non-level expansions. My question is this, what spells would you like to see on a progressive quest line. Fairly simple solo quest for RK 1, group level quest for RK II, raid trash drop for RK III. My suggestions for spell lines that I would like to see on quests are:
Rampaging Servent
Molten Orb
Iceflame Body
Elemental Empathy
Wintery Paradox
Pet Divine AuraA Wanderlust Guild-type Aug for the Rest of Norrath ( – Idea shared by Community Member oafgirl
As the title of this thread says -- extend the idea of the TSS Wanderlust Guild to encompass all of Norrath. Place quest givers in the various classic hometowns for each race. This would give young adventurers an incentive to "go home" after the tutorial, or after early levels in Crescent Reach. As with the TSS Wanderlust tasks, explorations would be assigned based on the level of the character -- challenging, but not overly-risky, if played smartly. EverQuest Trivia #307 ( – Game started by Community Member Shmid1, the winner of EverQuest Trivia #306.