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09-04-2007, 09:24 AM
I've been playing EQ for 6 years and I just got TBS...I know...I know...been out a long time now.

Anyway, I'm a little lost on what to do first. I understand there are 2 fcation (pirates and Katta) to work and that I should do both.

So, I have started working on pirates to get to the point where I can buy fernspur spell (and others?).

I am doing some solo quests for faction - any way to solo for dubloons?

Also, it looks like all katta faction tasks require a group to complete - true?

Also, if there are any useful threads or other resources out there can you please point me in teh right direction?

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09-04-2007, 03:40 PM
both currencies you will need 3 to get the task but can find ones to solo.

Invasion for katta (very steep learning curve ....I never solo'ed but wizzy friend has).

Few pirate missions the is kill 30 gala mobs and a namer who doesn't summon.

Best bet for faction is to work on the hand aug quest and you will be ally to them by the time you are done.

On main EQ site 3 pages back under quests there is write up for the hand aug quest.

I like fenspur, hoar's frost is nice if you raid (rk 2 ) and druid heal (rk 2) is ok but lately with motp and such most are using lvl 70 grp heal until we can get LL retuned if at all.

The other spells are situational ae root with snare proc and summoned DD with SMALL chance to proc 32k dd.

09-04-2007, 03:44 PM
For pirate faction I would start working on this, Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand. Each task gives a good amount of exp, some faction, and can be done more than once. It's much, much easier if you just get every task for an island and go through them like that. It sucks when you realize you could have gotten drops you needed and have to do it all over again. A good example of a task to get over again is Just Desserts. You have to kill 8 pirates on Jardel's Hook. You will be killing a lot of pirates to get drops so you can go through this task a good amount of times. When it is up go hail Bella, get some exp, faction, and 75 plat, get a new task, and start over. Druids can solo every part, but there are a few that can be tricky. Can't solo some unless you are well geared/strong player. The hardest is getting the rum recipe from Blacksail Folly. Hard to get to drop outside of the pirate fort, only named drop it, and they all summon. I duoed this for some people, and soloed for myself, but a HUGE pita.

You do need to do group missions to get doubloon (what you will need for rk 1 spells). You also need to do group missions out of Katta Castrum to get orux (what you need for rk 2 spells). Once you have the spells you want I would save orux until you are ally for the gear.

Here is also a great TBS guide - (

09-04-2007, 04:00 PM
The other spells are situational ae root with snare proc and summoned DD with SMALL chance to proc 32k dd.

Vinelash Cascade. I love the root so much. Awesome for crowd control, trains, farming, or in any situation when you need to get away from more than 1 mob fast. Roots every mob in the direction you are facing (so no need to target anything) for 36 seconds, then snares for 36 seconds if root is not broken. Costs 200 mana, same as spore spiral, with a quicker cast time so pretty easy to cast it again and keep everything rooted. I have this up all the time as my normal root unless I am root rotting or in tight quarters and need to not aggro mobs around me. Saved mine and my group's butt many times.

Annhilate the Unnatural is a summoned nuke, but they are working it so it hits a larger number of mobs. Works on gargoyles, elementals, constructs, and I have heard soon to work on clockworks. It is our most efficient nuke, so nice if you are around those type of mobs. The 32K DD goes off about 1 in 50 casts, and it procs a resist debuff about 1 in 10 casts. Is a great spell if you group in Ashengate a lot.