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09-07-2007, 07:07 AM
ok druids lets see some input on this idea

most druids i know use nukes only in hi end raid guilds

now what i am thinking could we like say have a slect few druids in a guild on a raid start to use dots more on mobs that we know wont have to wory about stoping damage at a set % in doing this we would only use are best geared and best payed druids to work this and see if it would up a overall raid damage out put.

would it be more damage for the mana use rather then just trying to chain nuke in between heals.

i been a druid trained sence my days in tov to use nukes only on raids.seeign that dot wake mezed mobs and or over damage a mob we got to stop on at a set %

knowing some of are dots can crit nicly if we have are max aa's and the fouse items to max ther line of damage.

so what iam looking for other druid in hi end raid guild to add ther input of this idea i am talking AG,Fc and up raid zones. before i even think of trying it on raid.

any inputs good so let me know what ya all think thanks

09-07-2007, 10:23 AM
I use BS on near every mob (mainly for debuff) and NBW, aisde from that i don't remember the last time i used a DoT on a raid. (That being said, my guild is doing FC before AG so maybe others used magic DoTs more in AG or something).

09-13-2007, 09:29 AM
On a fight like MM/ Sol Ro where I am needed very much as a healer I will chuck on some magic dots and happily heal away knowing that I am doing a little bit of damage while I am helping heal. This is a long fight where mana is an issue and I simply don't have the time to stand there nuking or the mana to do so. Yeah the magic dots aren't the best damage ones out there but they stick in this instance and are efficent. You can take that scenario and apply it to any long fight where you have to watch your mana or other people's health a lot. I've always thrown a few on Sothgar, Lethar, Dynleth etc but mostly because I am running around or having to do something else at the same time and want something on there. On some fights I simply don't have the time or spell gems to accomodate any.

Apart from this any fight where it will land I use NBW when I am able. I would still however classify my self as a nuker rather than a dotter.

Hopefully that helps a bit.

09-13-2007, 04:04 PM
thanks for the inpute guys just looking to max the over all dsp.for the minamal mana use for them long fight and was just wonderign if it was just my crazzy idea of using more dot lines or if other druids work them in whenthey can all so.

09-13-2007, 10:40 PM
In terms of damage total damage per cast:

NBW > Swarm > cloudburst* > sunscortch > sunray > winter's flame > equinox > rime

*#2 if you have poor focus effects.

09-14-2007, 04:00 AM
Unless I'm healing my group or as part of a rotation on the MTO I'll only nuke after a cast of BS as a debuff. BS-NBW-Equinox Rk2 while NBW refreshes.

If I'm on group or MTO heals I'll lay down BS-Sunscorch-Fireants-Vengace of the Sun-Wasp and 2.0 click when it's up.