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10-21-2007, 12:27 PM
CV is currently looking for 1-2 druids to fill out our druid roster.

Below are our requirements, we have lately been starting around 8pm and finishing up anywhere from 1130 est to 12am est. We raid Sunday-Thursday and once the expansion comes out will possibly drop to sunday-Wednesday raiding so we can get leveled up and explore. We have been working on the King event for FC, and also working on AG factioning.

If you have any questions or are interested you can pm me on here, or contact me, aolora, or lhamo on bertox via tells or in game emails.

The Website is ( and also listed in my sig.

Recruiting is: Open
Hi welcome to CV recruiting. <!--emo&:)--><!--endemo-->
CV is a family guild that likes to have fun while raiding and progressing. We are in the TSS expansion.
Raids start at 7:30 go till around 12 est.

What we're looking for:
We are looking for skilled players who want to have fun, be part of our raid force and follow directions. CV is not a mandatory raiding guild, but it is strongly encouraged that you attend raids when you are online.
During your app period you will be tagged and if your unable to attend a raid let your CO or one of the recruiters know.
We do not want any drama. We do not want people who are rude to others or use crude humor when it is unwelcome.

You must have the following requirements in order to apply:
- Level 75
- All Anguish signets
- All OoW spells (minus ancients)
- Epic 1.0 or the equivalent epic 1.5 prequest
- Key to Dreadspire Keep

To be tagged as a member of our guild you also must have the following:
- Key to Theater of Blood*
- The ability to invis, lev, and shrink oneself on raids
In addition: be open to learning the way the raid leader likes things done.

*NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to get these finished, but you have access to our guildmembers as a resource.