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11-04-2007, 01:19 AM
Hiyas all, just to introduce myself, I am Gamanern, a warrior in Sequel on the Maelin server. I am working on this little parser, and would like to share it with you all.

Well, you probably haven't been waiting for it, but to make myself feel better, I will assume that you have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the latest version of GamParse. Woot !

The biggest change this time around is that it now produces HTML output as files, so you can upload them to your favorite web host and put a link on your guild's forums to share the details. Turn on all the options, and everyone can check out their full details, not just the simple DPS numbers on the main table, but details about their DPS, casting and tanking too. Heck, you can use it to check out other players too, so compare and find out how you can all make changes to lift your DPS, your healing, debuffing, and tanking.

For an example of a full parse, click Here! (

You can also choose from several colours for the cells and the text to come up with a style that fits better with your guild's forum software. See some colour samples below:
Black and green on a white and yellow background (
White and green on black background (
Black and purple on a yellow background (

The other large update was to the tanking page, putting a little more grunt behind the numbers to help you determine the effects of different armor choices by getting much more detail about your dodge, parry, block and riposte rates as well as the opponent's on Accuracy rate.

Give it a try, let me know if you like it, or if there is anything that you would like added to it. Obviously any changes will need to fit with the capabilities of the program.

See the end of this post for several screen shots showing some of the new features.

You can check out the forums to get the program and the information of changes at: (

Or you can just straight to the download thread:

Download Thread (

And you can view the full changelog here:

Changelog Thread (

As always, feel free to share this program within your guild, but please link back to this post on this forum so they can get my little sales pitch. :D

GamParse v0.9.10 - November 4th, 2007

* Added ability to produce full HTML output, with significantly more details than previous output. You can now choose between posting to forums, and producing full HTML files.
--> Shows traditional DPS output
--> Option to show pet splits, so combined, the owner and their pets so you can see where their DPS came from
--> Option to show DPS breakdown information for each player and pet
--> Option to show spellcasting informtation for each player and pet, and opponents. Now you can easily track when that nasty AE is cast, and what spell name so you can cross check it in Lucy.
--> Option to show tanking details for each player and pet.

* Added customization for HTML output.
--> Choose between small, medium and large fonts
--> Choose a colour combination for the cells and background
--> Choose a colour combination for the text
--> Outputs can now be tinkered to work with light or dark backgrounds

* Made a large update on the tanking details page:
--> Combined all defenses into a new total of Defended
--> Added percentages for defenses, hits and misses
--> Added percentage accuracy for the opponent
--> Added defense rates for block, parry, dodge and riposte
----> rates based on how many chances they had:
----> Blocks checked first by EQ, so block rate compared to total swings
----> Parries checked second, so compared to total swings less any blocks
----> Ripostes checked third, so compared to total swings less any blocks and parries
----> Dodges checked forth, so compared to total swings less any blocks, parries and ripostes
----> Shield blocks checked fifth, but same message as block, so for now this is checked slightly out of order. This cannot be fixed until I start to store the class of the player.
----> Hits and misses checked last, so accuracy based on hits compared to total swings less all defenses, or in other words, hits compared to hits and misses combined.

* Updated tanking output to EQ to include much of the new information on the tanking details page.

* Pet breakout section added to the Fight Overview screen so you can now select a pet owner and you will see their DPS details combined with their pets, and also separated so you can see where their DPS is coming from

* Pets with names that don't contain the player (mage, necro and shaman pets mostly) will now have their owner's name appended, so Xobtik will now appear as Xobtik (MageX) so you can find your pets more easily. This affects the Fight Overview, DPS Breakdown, Spellcasting and Tanking Details pages.

* Tracked player list now populates itself for you. A player is added if they talk in your group, guild or raid, and also if you see any messages showing them added to your group or raid.
--> Allows you to track more fights as people you are tracking may be on an opponent that you aren't on
--> Allows you to pick up a fight sooner, which makes the parser run faster
--> Allows classes like healers and debuffers track fights better as they do not need to damage the opponent themselves just to track it
--> Tested on a list of 200 players, and there was no speed penalty on my computer
--> There is no reason to trim your tracked player list, so don't be concerned if it grows rather large. If you trim it, it will grow back as required.

* Charmed players will no longed appear as a fight if they are on the Tracked Player list.
--> This allows more accurate DPS information, as damage will no longer be lost on charmed players (mostly when they change from charmed to regular and start attacking the main target)

* Rejoice! I have removed all the excessive pop-ups from appearing whenever you hit any of the export or 'send to' buttons. The data is still placed on the clipboard, you just don't have to click a second button just to accept that it has happened.

* Moved the options page to the last position. It is getting more complex, and for most players you don't need to change a thing, so moved it so I don't scare the newer people to parsing.

* Moved the loading progress bar to the bottom of the screen so it is now visible from all pages, so you always know if it is still loading or not.

* Handled the issue when people were parsing on one computer and playing on another, if GamParse was running when the play computer was rebooted it would crash when it lost access to the log file. Now it handles this better.

* Updated ability to find the end of a fight that didn't have a 'slain' message, and the log file ended before 60 seconds had passed. It now continues checking time passing even if no updates received, and it can handle time differences between two PCs, so if the clocks are not in perfect sync, it will not adversely affect it.
--> This covers those parses when people are doing DPS testing against targets which will not die (test dummies on Test server, other large opponents on regular servers) and often close the log file soon after backing away from the opponent.

Screen shots:

11-04-2007, 04:00 PM
I missed one important detail ...

The HTML output will create a subdirectory called HTML underneath your EQ log directory, so generally somewhere like:

C:\Program Files\Sony\Everquest\Logs\HTML.

I will be looking into creating a save dialog so you can set this yourself in the next update, tentatively planned for around the same time as SoF is launched.

11-05-2007, 04:48 PM
I'm really impressed with the parsers that have come out this year.

The only question I have is why it took 9 years and EQ's lowest population count ever to date (down to 80k from the once majestic 400k before GoD was crapped out if you can believe it) to achieve parsers of this caliber.