View Full Forums : Defensive Proc bugs

11-07-2007, 02:04 PM
There has recently been concern with Reptile's procs reseting the melee swing (resulting in less DPS).

This has apparently been fixed (along with offensive procs and AAs) and should make SoF launch's patch.

Essentially the bug was buffs/procs/whatever going through a casting sequence as if you were actually casting a spell, with the accompanying reset of the primary and secondary autoattack for non-hybrid classes.

The fix was creating a slightly separate code path for these casting cases that bypasses the auto-attack timer reset. I made this change to defensive procs, offensive procs, skills and abilities (AAs).

Two things.. one is I'm pretty sure I covered all the important cases, second is I don't see anything in the code to suggest the problem would be limited to 1H or 2H weapons; the timer reset is independent of what you are wielding.

But I might have missed something. If any of you have access to beta, these changes will be on there in a day or so for you to test. (beta pushes are hard for me to predict unless I bug my already overworked boss

At the risk of being flooded... PM me any concerns you have once you have re-tested and parsed, which I know you are going to do anyway

To be perfectly honest I did not look in-depth at your parses, not that I wouldn't, its just not step #1. Step #1 is assume there is a problem and look at the code.. since a bug jumped out I didn't need to move on, but if you have some specific parses that can convince me the problem was related to 1H/2H wield I wouldn't mind seeing them, to make sure I didn't miss something else.