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11-12-2007, 02:42 PM
Greetings, the NDA is lifted and here is a good deal of information about the expansion for you to enjoy!

First Things First! - Getting there!

The main access point is the Mines in Steamfont Mountins. This will allow you to access either Dragonscale Hills or Loping Plains. Druids will gain porting power to the Loping Plains, and thus closer to Bloodmoon Keep, while Wizards gain access to Dragonscale Hills, and thus Crystallos.

The Portal spells contain a Ring, Circle and Zephyr to the Loping Plains and can be obtained from Leneanon Cloudsong at the Dring Ring in Loping Plains loc:2556, 1459. They each cost 53 plat (at time of writing) with 358 CHA. The spells are level 75.

So, now I am in SoF - where do I go?

SoF is broken down into tiers, with 2 locked zones.

The tuning Point for Tier 1 is Level 75 and is about the difficulty of Atiiki in The Buried Sea. The areas which fall into Tier 1 are:

* Dragonscale Hills and its instances
* Loping Plains

Now, if your a hard core grouper, or sporting Anguish+ armor, you can likely move directly into Tier 2, which is a step up. This tier is designed for level 80 players wearing full Praetorian Gear, or have a nearly full outfit from the Tier 1 Areas. Zones for here include:

* The Mechamatic Guardian
* Bloodmoon Keep
* Hills of Shade and the Crypt of Shade
* Fortress Mechanotus
* Gryospires Beta and Zeka

Brief explanation of where these are:

The Mechamatic Guardian is the huge robot that roams Dragonscale Hills.
Bloodmoon Keep is the large Wereorc fortress in Loping Plains
Hill of Shade (and thus Crypt of Shade) are off Loping Plains
Fortress Mechanotus is off Dragonscale Hills (go go Catapult)
The Gryospires are off Fortress Mechanotus.

Tier 3, likewise - goes even further and is tuned for Level 80 Players wearing mostly Tier 2 armor (about TSS raid level). Tier 3 zones are:

* The Steam Factory
* S.H.I.P. Workshop
* Meldrath's Majestic Mansion

The Mansion is the first locked zone in the expansion.

I want to take a second to point out the gear requirements and aa requirements are pretty real. Zones can have as low as 12 minute respawn times in some areas and several mobs have neat tricks they like to use when fighting.

Tier 4 is Crystallos - which is also locked by a groupable access quest.

A note on Crystallos, it's tuned for level 80 players decked out in Tier 3 Armor and are sporting closer to the 1k AA mark. The access quest is fairly long, but was tuned by several group configurations, and ideally the issues seen with the Solteris Arc won't play out here a second time.


I'm not going to give you a stat by stat listing of the items - what fun would that be? Instead we're going to cover some basic things.

First, Tier 2 Focii effects have gone up from the normal 30% we're used to seeing on groupable armor, to 35% This continues to increase to the 45% focii you see on Tier 4 groupable armor. Raid armor can go to 70% focus.

Secondly, the armor design is set to be consistent as you level and upgrade slots. This means that it follows the Katta focus layout for the most part.

Gloves - Cold Focus
Arms - Fire Focus
Helm - Magic Focus
Legs - Detri Haste
Boots - Beni Haste
Chest - Likely heal focus - unsure.

New Mod 2's. There have been several new mod 2s added. Items are not typically lacking in Mod 2s. These include, but are not limited to - +Healing, +Spell Damage, and so forth.

Tier 4 Armor has 5 Armor sets. Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Prismatic. The focii are the same on all sets. The other stats and mod 2s alter depending on which item you select.

Now I am sure the question is - where do I get this armor. Answer is, I don't know. So go out and search and report back!

Note: Our Epic effect will degrade at 5% per level, like all other Focii effects. This increases the lifespan of the Click by a few years, but the item will eventually be obsoleted by newer items. As the epic is going on over 3 years old, they are OK with phasing them out.


This is a listing of the Spells we get. There are 5 Spell Vendors in SoF. Not all these spells will be on those vendors. About 25% of the spells from every class are obtained via Quests, Faction based merchants and so forth. Spells not on vendor will be denoted with a *.

Spells - 76

Name: Ellymil Cogswin
Zone: Dragonscale Hills
Location: 900, -535
Spells: Level 76

Charm - Beast's Bewitching - 2293p
Short DS - Fernspike*
Harmony - Nature's Calm - 2622p
Stun - Tempest of the Stormborn - 2157p
Rain - Torrential Hail - 2584p
Immolation DoT - Torrid Sunray - 2434p

Spells - 77

Name: Kedem Teague
Zone: Loping Plains
Location: -2320 , -520 , 30 (SE of Bloodmoon Keep zl)
Spells: All lvl 77 spell/tomes

Cold Damage Debuff - Chillvapor Breath - 2434p
Skin buff - Ironwood Skin - 2376p
3.75 Heal - Puravida - 2147p
New Spell - Reaping Inferno - 2551p
New Spell - Sharp Eyes - 2348p
Single Target DS - Viridifloral Bulwark - 2443p

Spells - 78

Name: Inizen Nogglezop
Zone: Fortress Mechanotus
Location: 890, -1455 , 404

Corruption Resist Buff - Forbear Corruption - 1973p
Swarm DoT - Horde of Fireants - 2575p
Fire Increase/Plant Bodytype - Skin to Mulch - 2600p
Dawnstrike upgrade - Solarsliver*
New Spell - Survival of the Fittest - 4846p
Coat Buff - Viridithorn Coat - 2409p
Cold/Fire Nuke - Winter's Blaze*

Spells - 79

Name: Naene Ebonlocke
Zone: Hills of Shade
Location: -63, 1477, 0

Group Corruption Cure - Chant of the Darkvine - 2341p
Fire Nuke - Equinox Brand - 2369p
Cold ATK Debuff - Gelid Frost - 2279p
Defensive Heal proc - Scales of the Reptile*
Curse DoT - Sunsear - 2514p
PBAOE - Tectonic Upheaval - 1986p

Spells - 80

Name: Seyan Ebonlocke
Zone: Hills of Shade
Location: 978.72, n577.80

1.75 Heal - Adrendline Swell - 2654p
Group Skin - Blessing of the Ironwood - 1993p
Group Heal - CrescentBloom - 2470p
Ice Nuke - Hoar Crystals - 2559p
Group DS - Legacy of Viridithorns - 2648p
Mask - Mask of the Shadowcat - 2307p
High Powered DoT - Nature's Burning Wrath*
DA on Death - Preincarnation*

Mana regen issues addressed:

Mask of the Shadowcat was created as if we had gotten a TSS upgrade. The new mana regen values for Shadowcat are 8, 10 and 11. This results in a minimum increase of 3 mana regen over Mask of the Wild. Ironwood Skin's mana regen was increased by 1 per rank over Direwild. This results in 11,12,13 for mana regen values based on rank.

Net result was a minimum of 4 mana regen base, with 7 for rank 2 spells which should be available to most people. Raiders will see a 9 MR increase with Rank 3.

Debuff Issues addressed:

There was an issue confirmed by the Dev team where our debuffs would basically provide no benifit to group content with a raid geared tank. We knew this already, but confirmation is nice. Raids, where not typically an issue since they are tuned differently then random zone trash.

In SoF they took steps to restore the value of AC, and by extension, our attack debuff line, so we should no longer see that issue on group content, regardless of if the tank raids or is casual. In addition, the changes they made allow our debuffs to have the possibility of being more effective then we've been able to parse in the past.

We inquired about combined debuffs, but they want more time to evaluate that request.

New Spell Information:

Survival of the Fittest:

This spell is a new spell given to Druids at level 78. Shaman get an equivalent spell called Ancestral Intervention both spells function in the same manner, and I am going to try to cover everything here.

Design concept:

During beta it became apparent that the gap between Clerics and the other two priests in terms of Emergency heals was to large. These spells are an attempt to lower the gap by giving us a multiple person (group) healing tool for use in situations similar to that a Cleric may click their Epic Shield or use Divine Arb in. Because of this, certain limitations were implemented to the spell to prevent it from replacing our normal group heal lines.

How it works:

The spell is a group emergency tool. I don't use the word heal, because the spell has no base heal value (don't panic, I will explain). How the spell works is there a preset heal value for different health levels (determined by rank), the spell heals you for the correct value as determined by the health triggers.
Simply - the spell heals those hurt more - for more. This makes the spell stronger in certain cases then Divine Arb due to the fact it restores lost hitpoints, rather then simply shifting them around between the group members.

Now, how the health triggers work:

The spell will not heal anyone over 65% health - this is by design and to prevent the tool from developing uses other then the intended one.

So, using rank 1 values:

Between 55 and 65% = 1285
Between 45 and 55% = 2570
Between 35 and 45% = 3854
Between 25 and 35% = 5139
Below 25% = 6424

Each of these can be modified by Focii and AA per cast.

Now, as may be expected this is cause for concern about healing aggro. I had a developer check with server side scripting and the spell does not increase aggro upon application.

Rank 1 Values:

Cast time: 1 Second
Recast time: 3 Minutes
Range: 200
Mana Cost: 1225 (Focusable by SCM, Mana Pres, etc)
Healing amount: see above.

AA improvements:

The second cause for concern amongst raiders would likely be the cast time and recast time. Both of these issues can be addressed if a player chooses via the AA system.

Nodyin created an AA line for both Druid and Shaman similar to that of Unfailing Divinity for Divine Intervention. The AA line (Fortified Survival) increases the power of this one spell (all ranks) and has 3 ranks of 3 AA each.

Rank 1 Drops the Cast time to .9 seconds and 2.5 minutes recast
Rank 2 Drops the Cast time to .7 seconds and 2.0 minutes recast
Rank 3 Drops the Cast time to .5 seconds and 1.5 minutes for recast timer.

Reaping Inferno:

This spell may only be cast on mobs <20% health. If it kills the mob it grants a Buff to the caster which increases critical chance and damage for the duration. This killshot proc will only fire on mobs which grant exp.

See Invis (2):

Sharp Eyes will allow you to see an upgraded form of invis NPCs will be using. Normal See Invis and Mask line spells will be unable to detect these mobs.


This spell has a second chance to fire Touch of the Divine if it fails the first check. The second attempt has a 10% success fire rate.

Scales of the Reptile:

Now counts the number of procs, instead of the number of swings.

The reason for the change is as follows:

The spells were actually always meant to work that way, but due to a bug in the code, they didn’t. So, we had to approximate the number of procs before it wore off based on proc rate and number of swings. It’s unfortunately not very accurate and has caused some serious balance problems. The fix to actually count down on procs allows the spells to be much more balanced since we can tune them around X number of actual procs instead of an approximation.

This change is retroactive: The level 68 DoD spell Skin of the Reptile now functions under the same system. Both Skin and Scales have a max proc counter of 12. This gives Skin a max heal value of 7,200 and Scales a max heal value of 8,784.

Since I am sure you are curious - the Paladin versions of these spells now also have a 30 second recast.

Lunarlight: I've sent e-mails to Prathun, Rashere and Nodyin on the topic and I have yet to get any reply. As for the upgrade Crescentbloom, I've spoken with Rashere and if the spell is found lacking, there are strong chances it will be upgraded. Now, for this to happen I need more then just - this spell sucks. I need very specfic examples of content (as in where you were and what you were fighting) to pass to the dev team to support our claims.

FYI Note - Clockworks are considered Constructs, and thus can be hit with Annihilate the Unnatural.


List of all non-expendable Druid purchasable AA:


Mystical Attuning:
Rank 1 - Level 75, 5 AA
Rank 2 - Level 80, 5 AA

Hasten Origin: 3 AA / Rank
Rank 1 - Level 68
Rank 2 - Level 69
Rank 3 - Level 70

General Sturdiness: All Ranks 6 AA, Each Rank gives 100 HP
Rank 1 - Level 76
Rank 2 - Level 77
Rank 3 - Level 78
Rank 4 - Level 79
Rank 5 - Level 80

Foraging - Level 51, 3 AA - Gives foraging (50) to those who do not have foraging. Increasing the Forage cap by 50 for those that do.

Delay Death, 5 AA / rank, increases how far you can go below zero
by 50 hp / rank

Rank 1: Level 76
Rank 2: Level 77
Rank 3: Level 78
Rank 4: Level 79
Rank 5: Level 80

Battle Ready - Level 56, 5 AA

Quick Draw - Level 56, 5 AA

Energetic Attunement - 5 AA / Rank
Rank 1: Level 76
Rank 2: Level 77
Rank 3: Level 78
Rank 4: Level 79
Rank 5: Level 80

Combat Agility / Combat Stability

Rank 1 - Level 76, 6 AA
Rank 2 - Level 77, 7 AA
Rank 3 - Level 78, 8 AA
Rank 4 - Level 79, 9 AA
Rank 5 - Level 80, 10 AA


Shield Block: 1% increase per rank
Rank 1 - Level 76, 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 78, 9 AA
Rank 3 - Level 80, 12 AA

Spell Casting Subtlety
Rank 1 - Level 76, 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 78, 9 AA
Rank 3 - Level 80, 12 AA

Hastened Silent Casting
Rank 1 - Level 74, 6 AA - Requires Silent casting at rank 3
Rank 2 - Level 76, 6 AA
Rank 3 - Level 78, 6 AA

Gift of Exquisite Radiant Mana - 9 AA, requires Gift of Radiant Mana, Level 76

Healing Gift: Each Rank increases chance to critical heal by 2%

Rank 1 - Level 76, 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 78, 9 AA
Rank 3 - Level 80, 12 AA

Mnemonic Retention, Level 75, 6 AA

Mastery of the Past
Rank 1 - Level 76, 8 AA - Spells 70 and Lower
Rank 2 - Level 77, 8 AA - Spells 73 and lower
Rank 3 - Level 78, 8 AA - Spells 75 and lower

Mental Clairty
Rank 1 - Level 76, 5 AA
Rank 2 - Level 77, 5 AA
Rank 3 - Level 78, 5 AA
Rank 4 - Level 79, 5 AA
Rank 5 - Level 80, 5 AA

Expansive Mind:

Rank 1 - Level 76, 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 77, 8 AA
Rank 3 - Level 78, 9 AA
Rank 4 - Level 79, 10 AA
Rank 5 - Level 80, 12 AA

Abundant Healing:
Rank 1 - Level 76, 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 77, 8 AA
Rank 3 - Level 78, 9 AA
Rank 4 - Level 79, 10 AA
Rank 5 - Level 89, 12 AA

Fury of Magic:

Rank 1 - Level 76, 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 78, 9 AA
Rank 3 - Level 89, 12 AA

Destructive Fury
Rank 1 - Level 76, 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 78, 9 AA
Rank 3 - Level 80, 12 AA


243 AA total

Viscid Roots - 7 AA - Level 76, 5% increase

Storm Strike: 200 Range DD, .5 Cast, 30 Second Recast, MR Check. Can Critical and be focused by Destructive Fury. All Ranks are set to level 76. Damage varies by mob health percentage. Mobs over 75 % will also take an additional amount of damage listed in the brackets, as a second attack.

Rank 1: 850 DD (700)
Rank 2: 950 DD (750)
Rank 3: 1050 DD (800)

Spirit of the White Wolf 2 - 12 AA, Level 80
Rank 2 increases mana savings to 18%, and returns 50 mana / tick for the duration.

Protection of the Direwood - 12 AA, Level 80
1 Second Cast time, 15 minute Reuse - casts an upgraded version of Direwood Guard.

Quickened Call of the Wild - 3 Ranks, 2 AA / Rank reduces the cast time by 15%, 30% and 50%, All Ranks - level 72

Hasted Call of the Wild - 4 Ranks 2 AA / Rank - each rank shaves off 2 minutes from the recycle timer. - Rank 1 - level 73, rank 2, Level 74, Rank 3 - Level 75, Rank 4 - Level 76

Spirit of the Wood
Rank 1 - Level 77 - 8 AA 545 / Tick, 95 DS, +88 AC
Rank 2 - Level 78 - 9 AA 590 / Tick, 100 DS, +94 AC
Rank 3 - Level 79 - 10 AA 635 / Tick, 105 DS, +100 AC

Entrap 2 - 10 AA, Rank 2, Level 79
Rank 2 is a 65% snare with a MR check of -20

Nature's Guardian - 3 Ranks 7 / 9 / 12
Rank 1 - Level 76 Max Hit is: 620
Rank 2 - Level 78 Max Hit is: 675
Rank 3 - Level 80 Max Hit is: 720

Destructive Cascade - 3 Ranks, 6 AA / rank All Ranks level 78
DoT version of Destructive Fury, increases damage on critical DoT ticks.

Convergence of Spirits:

Rank 1 - Level 76 - 7 AA Increase HP when cast by 3334, Increase
Hitpoints v2 by 1800 per tick, Damage Shield for 95 points of damage, Increase AC by 94

Rank 2 - Level 78 - 9 AA Increase HP when cast by 3670, Increase
Hitpoints v2 by 2100 per tick, Damage Shield for 100 points of damage, Increase AC by 106

Rank 3 - Level 80 - 12 AA Increase HP when cast by 3980, Increase Hitpoints v2 by 2400 per tick, Damage Shield for 105 points of damage, Increase AC by 118

Blood Tithe
Rank 1 - Level 76 - 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 78 - 7 AA
Rank 3 - Level 80 - 7 AA

Hastened Exodus 2 aa / Rank. Lowers the recast by 10% per rank.
Rank 1 - Level 70
Rank 2 - Level 71
Rank 3 - Level 72

Nature's Boon - At Rank 3, Heals 140 Hitpoints / tick
Rank 1 - Level 76 - 7 AA
Rank 2 - Level 78 - 9 AA
Rank 3 - Level 80 - 12 AA

Fortified Survival - 3 AA / Rank
Rank 1 - Level 78 .9 Cast, 2.5 recast
Rank 2 - Level 78 .7 Cast, 2.0 recast
Rank 3 - Level 78 .5 cast, 1.5 recast


Post Launch Nodyin has asked me to remind him to look at having Secondary Recall and Call of the Wild to no Fail, and upping the range on Wrath of the Wild by 50.

Skillcap adjustments:

Dodge: The skillcap for Dodge was changed, when the forumla was reworked for Heroic items, all classes gain about a 1% increase to when Dodge will fire - the same goes for Parry, Block, and Riposte. The new Dodge skillcap for druids is 330

Evoke, Conjur, Alter, Divine, and Abjur each where increased to 330.

The skill Meditate was increased drastically.

Our Mitigation AC returns where adjusted. Druids, Rangers and Silk classes recieved a higher then normal cap increase.

Likewise, the Over the cap return value was adjusted - Cleric, Bard, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Beastlord, Berserker, Druid, Casters - More than the standard increase.