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11-18-2007, 09:47 PM
I have a wish list to fix some problems that I've been dealing with a while..

1. Armor sets .. how to evaluate easily good armor and a path to get it. and not just the top level raid armor. There used to be guides on druid armor for different zones and a number evaluation of it to guide how useful each piece was compared to something else.

2. AA .. an up to date easy to understand AA guide with specific info

since the recent expansions which changed the UI, and since the aa list I've found on this site is outdated I am just confused on the AA's. Recently I decided to just go with whatever clicky aa's I could get and delay getting others. It would be nice if there was specific information on the cast time, the effect and the duration. We get something from sony, but the specific effects vs the cost I have had problems finding. A new updated chart would be nice. I'd post one myself but I don't have the info.

3. Druid Clickys.. back to armor but a specific application.. I have no druid clickys except for the druid 1.0 .. My raid progression has pretty much gone from Naggy to Anguish (I solo'd and single grouped alot) so alot of content I had to bypass however I think there has got to be something out there I could solo or single group thats worth getting, is there a updated chart thats not like 5 years old?

4. Stratagy discussions for groups and solo and progression (XP and PP generating ideas)..

Katta snakes I know well... working on getting to know the atta camps for the fire guys but they seem to warp on me alot so thats not going as well.

in addition to grouping areas and tactics how about some money making ideas for solo style or with a friend or two for the undergear'd 70ish druid, (i'm 76). I tend to buy most of my spells rather than drop them as it usually seems easier for me that way, but right now I don't have the pp for up to the 80s.

The site seems to be picking up on the above (thank goodness) more than it was a year or two ago, but it would be nice if we had something more the quality or volume available years ago.

5. Easy to Understand DeBuff Guide for Group and Raid

Thank the Great Golden Bear for Ferniers post's on that however I still find it confusing. Maybe I'm wishing for something that isn't possible but.. a more clear to understand and when to use it guide would be helpful. ..Maybe I just need to go to kazam and beat my head on the spell specs a while ..dunno..

Sometimes I feel like I'm out in the wilderness trying to figure out all this stuff myself. There's only one other real druid in my guild and having to figure out everything by scratch is kinda hard. Any help at all would be nice. Maybe I'm missing some links that are on this site.

11-19-2007, 04:46 AM
Regarding the -atk debuffs.

Basically, they make the mob hit for minimum more often. This is more apparent in SoF zones. Hand of Ro is the best bang for the buck, and in hard exp content I use Hand of Ro and Sun's Corona.

On Raid mobs we go for max value and hit the NPC with Hand of Ro, Gelid Frost, and Fixation of Ro.

As for the other questions, esp the one about armor sets - can you tell us what armor you are wearing now (you mention in Anguish, but do you wear Anguish gear?) and on the clicky question, what type of effects are you working for?

11-19-2007, 12:50 PM
My equipment is on magelo.

I'm actually 76 now and have spent about 20 more aa on aa clicky's. However the armor is the same.

Any suggestions are welcome, Feet, BP and Shield are what I suspect are my weak items. I have considered the arc stone clicky but will need help on that which I havent gotten yet.

I only have one anguish piece the face one.

11-19-2007, 03:22 PM
The lack of up to date information is merely a symptom of a game with very few casual players.

The days of easily accessible and detailed information on items, quests, and progression are for the most part over. There simply is not the volume of people tracking down the information, and even less are sharing it. You are right, thank the Divine Mystery for Fenier and his devotion beyond just raiding and making himself uber. He is one of the few people who remembers that we all play in and for the community.

To expect only a few people to deliver quickly what in the past took hundreds of community-minded players weeks to years to develop is simply unrealistic though. We will need to accept that playing EQ detective has become part of the game. If you have not already done so, I would suggest getting a premium Allakhazam account; between that, magelo, eqrankings, eqplayers, the many great boards, and our friend the search engine, most information that has been adopted into gameplay can be found with relative ease.

I cannot speak absolutely for others, but I know at this stage when I achieve a goal in game or see something neat, my first thought of the potential audience who would see a write up is the raiding community that dominates EQ. After 8 years of sliding in and out of n00b mode, I share your feeling of having lost touch with the "brink" of the game; I no longer see the drive to help out the community, because it has become increasingly difficult to perceive what the community cares about.

In EQ's golden era, there were many more people who were in it "by themself" but not solely "for themself", so the spread of information had more demand than it does in todays guild-biospheres of influence. It really comes down to survival of the fittest though; EQ has been around long enough to have developed its own unique ecosystem, which will favor those who put in the most effort and in turn have more longevity. The raider isn't consciously subjugating the casual player, it happens naturally by balancing them against a completely different kind of effort and investment.

The relatively balanced community we remember has been replaced by a smaller player base to contend with but requires significantly more effort to maintain your resiliency. Essentially EQ has become the U.S., slowly weeding out the middle class until there are only the weak and the elite, then let things take their course... but that is a digression from your request on where to find EQ information.

I am often putting together lists similar to the ones you are looking for, but never do anything with them because they are mostly tailored to the casual Druid/RP'er, severely endangered species.

Send a ;tell Cazic.Tilerin sometime, would gladly share ideas and discoveries with ya.

Final Note: I do not intend to :deadhorse on the whole casual vs. raider thing, but I do feel it is a balanced situation. If you cannot find enjoyment playing an extremely interesting game while not being powerful, or do not want to put forth the time and effort necessary to become powerful, then this game has evolved you out of it.


11-19-2007, 03:33 PM
I will attempt to list some things that you could work on getting for upgrades

Group Content:
Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
Woven Bramble Arms (, Talk to Lady Usher and get quest then loot Spirit Mark of Air from Squall or Tempest, then buy arm mold from her and give her the mold and mark
Woven Bramble Legs (, Talk to Lady Usher and get quest then loot Spirit Mark of Fire from Embra, then buy leg mold from her and give her the mold and mark
Woven Bramble Tunic (, Talk to Lady Usher and get quest then loot Spirit Mark of Battle from Firelash or Shekar, then buy chest mold from her and give her the mold and mark
Dragons of Norrath Merchants
Blessed Reviver's Charm ( Radiant Crystals from Tatsujiro the Serene in Lavastorm, I suggest getting this until u max out ur arena badge.
Crescent Reach
Inlaid Leather Armwraps (, Get mission from Tenish in Crescent Reach then loot 3 Frosted Hides and An Ancient Armwrap Pattern from Grock Mist Seer in Icefall Glacier, Chef Gudez or Midnight in Steppes then return them to Tenish
Inlaid Leather Boots (, Get mission from Tenish in Crescent Reach then loot 2 Frosted hides and An Ancient Boot Pattern from Taruskor in Icefall or Hesmire Farflight in Steppes then return them to Tenish
Inlaid Leather Gloves (, Get mission from Tenish in Crescent Reach then loot 2 Ash-Covered Hides and An Ancient Glove Pattern from Psilocide in Direwind Cliffs or Whitewater in Sunderock Springs then return them to Tenish
Inlaid Leather Leggings (, Get mission from Tenish in Crescent Reach then loot 4 Ash-Covered Hides and An Ancient Legwrap Pattern from Son of Severan in Direwild Cliffs then return them to Tenish
Inlaid Leather Tunic (, Get mission from Tenish in Crescent Reach then loot 4 Frosted hides and An Ancient Chestwrap Pattern from Tarnuk Farwalker in Icefall Glacier and Return them to Tenish
When u get one of these armors u can also upgrade them by getting a mission from Tenish again for Tier 2 armor, you have to get a Flickering Powersource ( from nameds in Valdeholm and Vergalid Mines then return the powersource and the armor piece u upgrading to get a better piece of armor
Katta Castrum
Skip the armor in The Buried Sea and just do Katta Castrum missions till u have the Orum and Faction needed to buy these armors from Trader Dammides
Arms ( 250 Orum
Boots ( 200 Orum
Gloves ( 175 Orum
Legs ( 300 Orum
Chest ( 300 Orum
You need Ally with Katta Faction to buy the following
Arms ( 450 Orum
Boots ( 350 Orum
Gloves ( 300 Orum
Legs ( 500 Orum
Chest ( 700 Orum

For your Primary I suggest that you work on your 1.5, you will need a few groups or an uber group for last 2 parts and then work on your 2.0 epic since you doing Anguish
For your Secondary I recommended giving Battered Shield of the Fallen Guard ( a shot.

Hope that helps some

11-19-2007, 06:05 PM
I would recommend getting tss charm as far as you can with ground spawns and then do the wanderlust aug to put it in ....that will be nice boost.

Also look in the bazaar for regrowth dru only earring.

Once you get that shield definately get Brainnss MM aug for it 20ac 30hps. (mine is still in bank w/that)

If you like before you get epic 1.5 and 2.0 done could look into shattered gift quest.

Hand aug in TBS would be great for you to work on.

11-20-2007, 03:27 PM
We making wish lists....I'd like to see Cold based Dots. I feel really useless in Ashengate when all my dots are magic or fire based. We haven't gotten a fire resist debuff since Hand of Ro. But we've gotten a good Cold Debuff just about every expansion. SoF gave us a new cold debuff but no new cold nukes...crap load of fire fire debuffs. Unless you count Torrid Sunray....that's a dot...that gets resisted cuz we can't debuff fire.
Our magic based dots are all great and all but we can't debuff magic. So...logic states that maybe someone should get their head out of that place the sun doesn't shine and look at the druids' spell line ups. I think a cold based dot or two would do wonders for our DPS and efficency in places like AG....anywhere we can debuff cold that is. =)
Just a suggestion though. :whistle:


11-20-2007, 04:59 PM
Regarding the -atk debuffs.

Basically, they make the mob hit for minimum more often. This is more apparent in SoF zones. Hand of Ro is the best bang for the buck, and in hard exp content I use Hand of Ro and Sun's Corona.

On Raid mobs we go for max value and hit the NPC with Hand of Ro, Gelid Frost, and Fixation of Ro.
Fenier, a question for you please.

You use Sun's Corona? Isn't Hoar Frost the upgrade for it?

After doing a mere 700 faction missions, the NPC will finally sell me Hoar Frost. I figured I would buy it and use it instead of Sun's Corona.

Now I see Gelid Frost is available once I'm level 79. So I guess I shouldn't even bother with Hoar Frost.

I glanced at your Debuff thread in the Spells section but it is huge and I just have some basic questions. Perhaps you wouldn't mind putting up a new sticky that just says the basics.

What I mean is that I didn't think you could even stack some of the ones you listed, like Fixation of Ro with the others.

Currently, I use Hand of Ro, Sun's Corona (to be replaced by Gelid Frost) and Icefall Breath as my debuffs. Besides our DoT that also lowers fire resist and AC, I thought that was all I could stack.

I think we could use a chart showing what to use at what level and what replaces what and what stacks with what. If you give me that information, I will make the chart. Perhaps we need to start a new thread sticky'ed on this under the Spells section and everyone could contribute, if you don't know the answers or are too busy.

While your current Attack Debuffs thread is great at explaining why they are good to use, it isn't designed to help the druid like me who is too lazy to read all the technical stuff and just wants to know what to use.

Thank you.

11-20-2007, 05:04 PM
I use SC because I already Debuffed FR with Hand of Ro. On longre fights I'll use Chillvapor and Gelid Frost instead of SC.


Hand of Ro
Sun's Corona or Hoar Frost or Gelid Frost
Fixation of Ro

Sometimes you'll need Chillvapor line to land the Cold ones.

The Buff debuff order for raid named is:

Hand of Ro
Chillvapor Breath
Gelid Frost
Fixation of Ro
Skin to Mulch

While it varies by encounter, Torrid Sunray is good to keep on the mob as well.

I don't use Skin to X on any mob which is FR.

Constructs, Undead and Summoned should be immune to Skin to X.