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12-14-2007, 04:44 AM
There has been some debate over the usefulness (or lack there-of) of this charm :

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR class=headerrow><TD style="FONT-SIZE: 1.2em"> Tinmyn's Oil Can</TD><TD vAlign=center align=right> (</TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top width="50%"><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD>MAGIC ITEM LORE ITEM NO TRADE
AC: 30
STR: +20 DEX: +18(+2) STA: +20(+2) CHA: -5 WIS: +15 INT: +15 AGI: +18(+2) HP: +455 MANA: +455 ENDUR: +455
Shielding: +2% Avoidance: +5 Stun Resist: +2% Attack: +15 Regeneration: +5
Required level of 80.
WT: 1.5 Size: SMALL
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 7

Power is based on the number of coins you are carrying.

I for one love mine, its way way better than what i currently use, even though the must carry a certain amount of plat part is annoying ; but we usually just make som1else loot and threaten to train them if they dont turn off shared plat under options :twak:

And whats best, we did this task with just 3 ppl. i always appreciate when ppl share their experiences, as there can be a lack of accurate info on tasks, so im gonna share my experience on this.

Task was given by tinmyn cogsloose or sumthin in fortress mechanotos. he was by zone in and the whole task took place there. these were the relevant parts :

step 1 : loot dirty oil from steamwork menders . this was easy..they dont summon and are fully snare-able. the problem was finding them, as they seemed randomly placed. and there was no guarentee of what would re-pop..we found ourselves killing junk mobs after junk mobs to get a single mender, and then the drop rate seemewd pretty rare. to top it off, other than the center platform which seems pretty much perma-camped, there didnt seem to be a single spot that didnt have serveral roamers pathing through it to use as a pull spot.

Then we noticed a platform just south of the forest where the cog mauraders are. it had 2 ramps, one on south end and one on north end, and a HUGE kite area with absolutely no roamers. run east and u will see a runway where there are plenty of menders, that always re-spawn as menders, with the occasional named as the exception. we were able to easily evac/snare pull them to our camp.

the next steps were easy, they involved mobs pulled the same way as the menders to the same spot, and were close to where the menders are.

Step 2 : cog maurader power storage crystal : this was the hard part, as the mauraders easily have 600k+ hp, are immune to run speed changes, and have FoE speed. But they do not summon and are fully stunnable. we started with 4, and none of us have any raid gear (mostly ally katta-ish) here was our grp on bertox server:

Veronica (77 pally)
Yiunla (77 necro)
Darwain (77 enc)
Me(Raechel 77 dru)

Our pally was the puller. she would stun;stun;challenge for honor. then run serveral laps around the top of the platform, leading the maurader, then stun;stun;challenge for honor again to hold agro.

Necromancer was the dps. his job was to dps as much as possible and dont get agro

Enchanter was the mezzer/slower. maurader spawns 2 adds at 50% life that are abt the same as the trash mobs in this zone. he would mez the mobs when they spawned then mem wipe them after we killed the maurader, which caused them to de-pop shortly.

i was spot healer/stun assist. this mob hit me 3200 (not sure what the damage was on our pally, she had 3k-ish ac), had a 750 per tic dot he somtimes cast that cuts healing effectiveness by 50%, and occasionally the mob would hit one of us in center. so my job was heal as needed, stun mob if mob was too close to pally.

this worked well for us. we killed serveral cogs b4 our enchanter had to leave, at which point it got a bit harder, as we lost our mezzer. we still needed 2 more power crystals so i was nominated ghetto CC. i knew the ooze adds MUST be dealt with fast, as they love to rampage through caster ranks, and didnt want to follow our kiter.

after serveral attempts and deaths i found Bonds of tunare worked best against the ooze adds. they seemed to have very low saves, so i could AE snare the ooze grp with the huge cast range of bonds of tunare(yep..they were fully snare/rootable) then root them at my leisure. the only thing was that bonds has a short duration (think spore spiral duration) and whats worse, you cannot overwrite bonds with any of the other snares. so i kept re-snare, re-root every few seconds and we managed to kill the last few mauraders for our charms.

im not lvl 80 yet but i think, even with the coin carry limitation of 243 pp to get max stats, its a very very nice charm. i cant wait to use mine.

maybe nobody likes this charm but it seems easy to make sure you keep the max stats, as i can assure you the bulk of the plat i make does NOT come from random plat loot off corpses.

so this can be done with 3 if you dont mind a few deaths and if you have a true dps class or 2.


12-14-2007, 11:37 AM
thanks for information....just started mine last night and my wizzy friend has already gotten his enchanter his but brought his bot ranger along.

We are at the cog steps and he says it will be we shall see.

12-14-2007, 02:45 PM
i <3 this charm. i don't have it and never will. BUT, i love to /split in the middle of a fight when i know group members have it =D

12-14-2007, 04:02 PM
The Cogs summon now.

12-14-2007, 10:29 PM
When was this changed? we did this task wednesday nite after the patch and they did not summon at that point. was this a stealth nerf? seems to me they should have left it alone when they have 300 hp/mana tradeable gear dropping like crazy from mobs that are so easy to kill its silly. did this really deserve that much of a nerf? if the cogs summon then this task will pretty much die. already 50% of EQ players hate this charm..and now, anyone who is uber enough to tank this mob probably has some uber raid charm and dont need it.

12-15-2007, 12:28 AM
Nope, just confirmed the cogs absolutely do NOT summon at this point. we took some guildies on friday night 12/14/07 at 10pm pacific time zone to test it and they did not summon us. But as an edit to my original post there seems to be a single roamer now that occasionally paths across the top of the platform.

12-17-2007, 02:16 PM
We did it in kite group and we had to clear the 5 roaming gnomes in the wide area for kiting.....4kac tanks are getting ripped by these guys so I am glad we kited after helping some 3kac tanks and do it in mini raid format....takes about 15 to 20minutes to kite him with druid, necro and wizzy ...that didn't include killing the 5 roaming gnomes (30mins total per Cog and we needed 6 of them)

If you have a wizzy friend I highly recommend asking them for help (cogs cant be snared and you need the fast casting spells)

12-24-2007, 10:38 AM
What is the coin combination you have to carry to max this?

Also, what happens when you change it, how strict do you have to be to have a decent charm vs. a piece of junk because you picked up 2 coppers?

12-24-2007, 11:05 AM
You have to be pretty strict. For that reason alone I refuse to do it, I perfer to not be limited to when I can / can not loot. The combo iirc is 243 plat.

12-24-2007, 07:00 PM
This charm reminds me of the platinum disc charm from LOY. I had that thing, I don't think I ever maxed it. Scaled really weird, having 80k plat or so in bank was like a third of its charm potential. on this charm I would rather see a minimum number of coins for maxed stats, probably much, higher than current carried plat, but, in such a way that you could go over the plat limitation. Afterall, the key here to that idea is the more coin you carry, the more your weight is, the more your weight is the slower you are, the harder you fall things of that nature. Watching someone 20k and die off a dune in sro as an example would be hilarious. basing this charm more around the encumberance system in place, I think would be more interesting and would support alot more playstyles.

My example, would be based around the idea of strength and the encumberance system. So, it would scale to high end strength, and lower end folks as well, who haven't maxed their strength and on. Meaning Higher strength means carrying more to max. Lower Strength would require less plat carrying, but, still at about the same ratio, so, it would work out about even there, with the lone exception of higher weight equals more chance to die from falling with the way the falling system and weights scale. But, then, I haven't played in awhile.

12-24-2007, 10:50 PM
Any power of 3 will work. Personally I carry 1458 for max stats.

And yes, even a couple of coins off will severely lower stats or remove them completely.

After you get used to it it's not so bad... but I find myself destroying a lot of coin lately.

12-25-2007, 02:49 PM
The Cogs summon now.


I solo'd a pair of Cogs last night to finish off the charm. These buggers are FAST fast Flight of Eagles type runspeed. I found it easiest to kite along the hilltops near the zoneline. Mob follows the terrain up/down while I levitate straight across, providing some extra casting time/distance. Took me about 30 minutes per mob, bleh.

Now, I'll stick the charm in the bank. I'm a quest freak and the task was a faction hit, so I did it. But, unless the coin restriction gets modified in some fashion, I don't intend to use the charm. Annoying!

12-26-2007, 10:41 AM
Different things for different players I guess. I'm using the weight-capped charm from FC so although it's not quite so inflexible, I still can't carry the plat from even a moderate killing spree and just rely on "vendor trash" loot on periodic sell/bank runs.

So I don't intend doing the oil can charm for myself but I've got it for my bard - so I guess the point is that anytime you're not looter and in a group rather than solo situation, you don't have to worry about the coin if someone else just does the looting (as I will be doing vs. the bard).

All charms are meant to have checks and balances, either in the time it takes to power them up or by having fluctuations based on something more dynamic; of course it doesn't always work out that way (bugged charms or those so trivially maxed and maintained), but this is still a crazy-good reward for VERY little effort, so I cannot reasonably foresee it being 'improved' either.

12-26-2007, 03:47 PM
This item will help reduce the weight of coins you have to carry by 50%, also 100% weight reduction Giant size and seems a good fit with the Oil Can Charm:

The entire task takes place in The Loping Plains

(1) Find Wegar's Journal
(2) Return Wegar's Journal to Vrald
(3) Look for Wegar's secret mine entrance
(4) Kill Shadowloper AND loot his charm
(5) Bring charm to Vrald
(6) Kill five Nightwalker Sentries
(7) Kill Plague-Ridden Nightwalker
(8) Report to Vrald
(9) Hail the Oracle of the Three Oaks
(10) Explore the Roots of Elddandor
(11) Collect a tainted spore
(12) Deliver Idlegrime spore to the Oracle of the Three Oaks
(13) Return to Vrald
(14) Go to the Festival Grounds
(15) Kill Larwynn the Haunting for Wegar's Missing Pages
(16) Deliver Wegar's Missing Pages to Vrald
(17) Kill the Ghost of Wegar
(18) Kill the ghost of Elladrial
(19) Collect Wegar's last journal entry
(20) Deliver Wegar's last journal entry to Vrald

Vrald is the Dwarf at the Fangbreaker camp. Hail him to begin.

You say, 'Hail, Vrald'

Vrald says 'I'll be gettin' on with my [business], outsider, and you best be gettin' on with yours. I've got some hard tidings to drink to.'

You say, 'business'

Vrald says 'Have a knack for stickin' yer beak into the beeswax of others, eh? Can't let a dwarf drown his sorrows in peace, can ya? Well, maybe I'll let you in on my little dilemma. My brother Wegar has gone [missing] somewhere in Were-orc lands.'

You say, 'missing'

Vrald says 'Yes, that sack of filth of a brother of mine has been missing for days. Last I heard, he was going to do some scouting for a safer entrance to the Drangol Point goblin mines. Oh, I don't know if there ever was a lost entrance into the mines, but he's been piping up such a lot of smoke over it at every tavern he went into, it's a wonder every dwarf in Faydwer isn't on their way here. Wegar's always been more trouble than he's been worth... but you know, I would pay someone well to bring his [journal] back.'

You say, 'journal'

Vrald says 'Yeah. Just explore the area at the base of the long switchback path winding down the cliff-face to the west, watch out for the goblins, keep your eyes peeled for any sign of Wegar. He was alone, and wouldn't have decided to take on all of the goblins at that fort by himself. Knowing his uneasiness with unmarked terrain, I'd wager he never strayed far from the beaten trail leading to Drangol Point in his quest for the secret mine entrance. So... will you help me find Wegar, or what's [left] of him?'

You say, 'left'

You have been assigned the task 'Vrald's Lost Brother'.

Vrald says 'Fine. You can expect a share of any salvage, in addition to the coin I'll be paying for the errand. Mind ya, don't talk to the Fangbreakers about this. I don't want any of them getting any funny ideas about jumping Wegar's claim to the mines... for his claim would pass to me, and I'll not be sharin' it with monster-hunters! Their lot will be to clear my new mines of monsters, not wallow in its profits!'

(1) Head to the base of the trail downwards - if you have Levitation, you can head straight out from the Fangbreaker camp and float down. Have IVU on, as Loping zombies roam here.
At location -1116, -2471, 152 you will find Wegar's corpse under a bush. Wait a moment and a journal appears on the cursor.
[Your task 'Vrald's Lost Brother' has been updated.]

(2) Go back to Vrald (get used to running up and down alot) and give him the journal.
[Your task 'Vrald's Lost Brother' has been updated.]
Vrald says 'Oh, ya found Wegar's journal! Let's see what the old mule's last words were. Aha, here's an entry where he talks about the disease that has struck these lands. He wrote down a guess as to what's causing it. There's no such thing as a dwarf that guesses, one either knows something or he doesn't! I suspect Wegar is lying in his journal, thinking I might stumble across it someday. I think he found his secret entrance somewhere up on Drangol Point, and cleverly hid the knowledge of its location so I'd never discover it! Well, we'll see about that. This talk of disease is just a clever ruse. Yeah, go up to Drangol Point and look around in front of the fort for a goblin who'll tell you how to get into the mine. There's talk of one they call the Shadowloper. He might be important.'

(3 and 4) Be warned Shadowloper sees invisible, and he spawns 2-4 undead - Drangol ghouls - when you pull him. Shadowloper spawns near the Drangol camp North of Vrald's position on the East side of the trail. Invis there unless you want to fight aggressive frogs and bears the entire way. Pull him from range without snare and will likely come without his adds. He has no special resistances noted by enchanter other than typical slow mitigation. He drops 6 Garish Festival Charms.
--You have looted a Garish Festival Charm.--

(5) Back to Vrald.
Vrald says 'Heh, this Festival Charm was stolen by goblins! Who knows, maybe the goblins are the ones behind this talk of a curse spreading in from the north. They may have been the ones who laid waste to the old festival grounds up north of Wayunder Lake. I'll wager they know more than their little goobly mouths can utter, but you've already worn out the goblins at Drangol Point. This time, try the Nightwalker Goblin camps in the northeast, by the trail to the Hills of Shade. If any goblins are connected with what happened to the Festival, it would be them. They're supposed to be a nasty lot of goblins who smell like pond-slime and pick their teeth with splintered dwarf bones. Kill five of their sentries!'

(6 and 7) Head out to the central North section of the map. Notable map labels might include Goblin campsite, Fearfang, and Dannie Highwind(quests). The Goblin campsite is WNW of the latter 2. Nightwalker Sentries are perimeter guards. Respawn time here is faster that you would expect, 7 minutes roughly. Kill 5 Nightwalker Sentry. After getting the update, you have to kill a Plague-Ridden Nightwalker. There are several about the camp. Be careful of adds.

(8) Report back to Vrald.
Vrald says 'Ah, so the disease is real after all... and the Nightwalker Goblins had nothing to do with it, you say? Well, that changes things. It means that the story I just read in Wegar's journal may not be total hogwash. At first I wondered if he had gotten into the wild herbs again while he was writing down an outlandish tale of magical trees in his journal. The Oracle of the Three Oaks, a ways west of the Nightwalker Goblin lands, from what Wegar says in his journal. There you might find the key to stopping the disease spreading from the north. If the scourge that struck the Hills of Shade is on the move, it'll make it difficult to mine this region. See what this Oracle has to say that might be helpful; if it turns out to be a waste of our time, I might donate my axe for tree-removal... '

(9) Further West from the gonlin campsite, you will find a huge tree in the NW corner of the zone. Inside you will find the Oracle of the Three Oaks. Hail her.
You say, 'Hail, Oracle of the Three Oaks'
Your task 'Vrald's Lost Brother' has been updated.
Oracle of the Three Oaks says 'Traveler, what brings you here? Has not the myth of the Phantom been enough to discourage you hither? The Phantom is the spirit of a dead elf, an unknown performer at the Festival Palladium who gave his life to defend the object of his affections, the lovely Elladrial, at the time the disease from the north fell like tainted sunlight upon the fields of the Festival. However, if you could address the source of this malign influence, I would be in your debt. My trees know pain and sickness. The very air in these lands is now loathsome to take in. The curse is here. Perhaps you could examine the roots of Elddandor, accessible through the tunnel door beside me, and learn if the curse began there?'

(10 and 11) Once you go down, you will find varieties of imp - bottomfeeding imps and a blighted glog imp. The blighted glog imp has your spores. Unfortunately, he has 3 bottomfeeding imps for company. How you deal with this situation will vary depending upon your group. Do NOT throw AoE mezz into the room. For unknown reasons, probably line of sight issues, the AoE mezz only landed upon 1 target, my targetted mob. This will get you dead, as aggro worked without LoS issues. When the blighted glog imp is dead loot the spore. Six drop, so your group is covered.
--You have looted a Idlegrime Spore.--
Your task 'Vrald's Lost Brother' has been updated.

(12) Take the spore to the Oracle of the Three Oaks and give it to her.
Oracle of the Three Oaks says 'Ah, you say spores of this kind were found in Elddandor's root system? I don't think that there is a connection. If this spore were responsible for the curse, it would still have lingering potency that would make it impossible for me to hold. As well, it is not the sort of spore that could have blown here from other lands. I am sorry, but the source of the curse must be elsewhere, though the spore itself may still be useful to you.'

(13) Head back to Vrald.
Vrald says 'Well, good to see you're still in one piece. I've been choking back my anger since you've been gone. No, my friend... not at you, not at you. It's the journal... I just noticed that there are pages missing, leaving a gap that should cover the time Wegar was traveling near the festival grounds, on his way south from the Three Oaks. It's possible that someone or something inside the festival grounds may still have these pages... in later entries, Wegar refers to a great zombie that once tore his journal. It's probably your best place to look... and be careful. There's a reason they don't have harvest festivals in these parts anymore. Thanks, I'll be waitin' right here.'

(14 and 15) Head to the festival grounds, across the bridge. Use Invis Vs Undead (IVU). Clerical Suncloak is prefered to prevent early fades. Near a zombie model named Larwynn the Haunting, you will get an update. Pull the zombie out, but be careful, as the adds here are VERY difficult to see. Loot the pages.
--You have looted a Wegar's Missing Pages.--

(16) Back to Vrald yet again... Give him the looted pages.
Vrald says 'Ho, by the gods, these pages are fit for kindling... little more than paper rags held together with bloodstains and teeth marks. Hard enough to read Wegar's trembling chicken-scratch, without having zombie-bites taken out of it... Seems he nearly had the life scared out of him at the festival grounds, he writes of a terrible phantasmal spirit. There's something else here about an elvish lass named Elladrial whom Wegar was determined to rescue. The story's a strange one. Seems the elf woman turned out to be a spirit and Wegar fought a battle with phantoms. He was mortally wounded and must have finally died trying to escape the spirits, not looking for the mine entrance as I'd thought. Go back up to the festival grounds and avenge my brother. I'm feelin' a mite glum for the way I treated 'im and I'll honor his memory by sendin' a proud group of adventurers to deal with the spirits that ended him. I'd do it myself, but I want nothing to do with evil phantoms!'

(17,18, and 19) Back to the festival grounds. You must find and kill Wegar's Ghost. Getting him without adds can be difficult. Kill him. Now you must kill Elladrial. She is easier to pull, but might still bring an add or 2, so be prepared. After killing her, loot Wegar's last words.
--You have looted a Wegar's Last Words.--

(20) Back to Vrald for the last time (phew!).
Vrald is pleased! You have proven to him that his brother Wegar was not quite as useless as he might have thought. Wegar's honorable death not only helped to expose the Phantom menacing the old festival grounds, but also allowed Vrald to inherit his mine... if he can ever find it.
Vrald says 'There! Now that wasn't that hard, was it! Poor Wegar, the rascal fell in love with that corrupted Elf woman's spirit. As good as your word, you are. My brother's fate is known, I've avenged his death, I've taken over the claim to his mining interests, and I've edited his journal to keep my own name clean... yes, it has been a good venture. I suppose you'll be wanting a reward of some kind to keep your mouths shut to the monster-hunters about our modest accomplishments.'

You have gained 2 ability points! You now have X ability points.
You have successfully been granted your reward for: Vrald's Lost Brother