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01-01-2008, 08:55 AM
I have been busy with getting level 80, a mountain of AAs and of course, working on another large update to GamParse, bringing it up to v0.9.12 to help make parsing easier for those new to parsing, and more powerful for those familiar with parsing.

You can read the changelog notes later in the post, but to draw your attention to the key changes, I will cover them off here:

* I have added several graphs to GamParse to help make the numbers make more sense, as this kind of information is best done graphically. The graphs include a DMG and DPS ranking as horizontal bar charts making comparing players easier, a line chart showing damage output of the guild or a single player, hit distribution by player by attack type. Then we move on to the tanking graphs, showing the Opponent's DPS against the tank, and also showing the hit distribution by type in a format that WILL NOT hide numbers if the count of hits gets too high. Without resizing GamParse you can see around 70 different hits, and on a wide screen monitor, you can get considerably more.

* Heal parsing has been keenly requested by many in the healing community, and here it is. You can see who you healed, and for how much, you can see who healed you and for how much, and you can also see when those heals landed, so you can see if they landed evenly, or if there were those scary 10 second gaps in healing that may end up with a dead tank.

* I have totally revamped the HTML output to make it cleaner, and easier to use. It is now all in a single large file, controlled by buttons with Javascript behind them, so you can navigate through the parse, with the ability to compare players side by side to help players improve their DPS output.

See a sample of the new format: Mad Mary-Anne on 13/12/2007 (

Give it a try, let me know if you like it, or if there is anything that you would like added to it. Obviously any changes will need to fit with the capabilities of the program.

See the end of this post for several screen shots showing some of the new features.

You can check out the forums to get the program and the information of changes at: (

Or you can just straight to the download thread:

Download Thread (

And you can view the full changelog here:

Changelog Thread (

As always, feel free to share this program within your guild, but please link back to this post on this forum so they can get my little sales pitch. :D

GamParse v0.9.12 - January 1st, 2008

* Added graphing. The graphs include:
--> The graph will size itself to the size of the program, but to save on excess process, it will not resize on the fly. If you resize the program, clicking on the graphing buttons and drop downs will rebuild your graphs to match the program again.
--> A line graph of damage done by players and pets, as well as for the total raid. The graph shows the damage done each second, with a rolling DPS number for 6 seconds, and an average DPS line for the time fighting.
--> A horizontal bar chart showing the total damage done in a format that allows visual comparison on each player's contribution.
--> A horizontal bar chart showing the DPS done for the time attacking to again compare player's contributions
--> Player's hit distributions, but type, and by normal vs crits.
--> Tanking line graph showing the damage sustained by the main tank, also with the rolling 6 second DPS and average line.
--> Tanking hit distribution, so you can see whether your AC is making a difference or not. This chart will not suppress any numbers for at least 70 values, and if your desktop is large enough, maximizing the program will allow you to see even more hits, which is useful for those events where defensive, Vie and runes create a multitude of different hits.

* Rebuilt the HTML file output so that it is easier to work with, collapsing it down to a single file, but using java scripting to make the HTML behave like a mini application. (Note: this does not affect the HTML table that you paste straight into your forum software, as it is still limited by the abilities of the forum itself)
--> You will start with an Overview of the fight, and 5 buttons down the side to take you to each of the sections.
--> Clicking on a section will hide any other section, and display the new one.
--> In each of the sections, there will often be further buttons to click on to show more information.
----> The DPS summary will show pets merged, with a [ + ] button allowing you to see the pets split out. The [ - ] button will collapse the pets again.
----> The Player DPS will show a list of players down the right, using the [ + ] button you can display one or more players side by side for easy comparison.
----> The Spells, Discs and Actions display in the same way as Player DPS.
----> The Tanking details also display in the same was as Player DPS.
----> The Healing summary shows all its details without any further need of clicking.

* With the HTML output as a single file, it is now easier to host a single file, rather than the many (up to 200) files previously generated.
--> You can Host the file, and then link to it on your guild's forums. (in the same way my example code is linked to this post.)
--> Some forums allow you to attach documents, which may include HTML files. The forum administrator for your guild may be able to allow HTML files.
--> If you are serious about parsing everything, and making it all available, it may be worth investing in a cheap hosting service which often come with enormous amounts of storage, enough that parses will not fill it up ever.

* Added heal parsing, though to be most effective, the parsing will need to be done by the main tank.
--> Due to the nature of the EverQuest log file, you can only log heals done BY YOU, and heals done TO YOU. So you cannot track all heals.
--> If parsed by the main tank for an event, you can get:
----> Healing done to you as a total from each person.
----> Healing done to you over time, so you can see when each heal landed, how much it was for, and who cast it.
--> The parse can also done by a healer, so you can get:
----> Healing that you cast on others as a total, so you can see who was soaking up all that precious mana, just to keep them up.

* Forced certain events to automatically combine correctly. Events like Ayonae Ro have the name of the target changing, which means you would see two fights in most parsers: "Ayonae Ro" and "Ayonae Ro (Vunerable)".
--> I have now forced several events with changing names to automatically treat them as the same name, so DPS is calculated correctly (simply merging the fights would result in incorrect figures).
--> The events catered for are:
----> Ayonae Ro
----> Mayong Mistmore
----> Dyn'leth
----> Yar`Lir
--> Any other event can be added, though I will require the exact names used, and the next version could have that event catered for also.

* Due to program crashes caused by output that I hadn't expected, hence didn't cater for, when an unhandled exception occurs, it will place the details on the 'clipboard' including the offending line from the log file, so you can paste the details either to the forum, or in an email to me so I can fix the issue. Most of these problems have come from people making emotes that look very similar to a proper line in the log, but having a slight typo in them.

* Updated the Fight overview to now include a column for DPS against the player, so you can see what rate the main tank was damaged at, so you can estimate your healing requirements from there.

* Added strike through to the Player DPS page. The logging will only show you strike through done by you, so you cannot track other players.

* Updated Player DPS page so that the attack types are sorted by damage done using that attack type.

* Option for polling interval has been removed, and the program will also check the file once per second. This has no negative impact on your computer, so I decided to make all fights appear as fast as possible, all the better to help obsess over your parse.

* Options for which sections to include when output HTML to a file have been removed. The file will now contain all sections.

* Corrected an issue, so now any DoT or direct damage done to the person parsing will be picked up correctly.

* Renamed a couple sections to make them clearer, and reflect the updated information they contain.
--> Player DPS (was previously Player Breakdown)
--> Spells, Discs and Actions (was previously Spellcasting Breakdown - this section contains discs, and actions, like being slain, and saved by DI)

* Updated Tanking Details:
--> The hit counts now has 'Attempts' at the top of the list
--> The attack types now contain 'Total' so you can see all hits together, or by selecting a single attack type.
--> Fixed a display issue, where numbers that were supposed to appear as '0' would instead appear as a very small number in scientific notation. Strangely the very small number would take up a lot of space.

See the heal parse, looking at the healing over time, you can look for any of those scary gaps in healing, though luckly in this case, the healing was up to the job as I survived to the end (after I also lived through the first to Loyalist, then Lorekeeper, and this final Loyalist ... much <3 to the healers that day $$)

You can easily see how far ahead the rogues were compared to everyone else, though I specifically chose the 3rd loyalist for this example as everyone had blown all their discs, mana and endurance, so the constant DPS of a warrior let me sneak up the chart a lot higher than usually. :)

It is easy to see how the DPS builds up for an event, much of that start up was due to positioning the opponent, and people trying to find max melee range, but after that, it was on ... although, without anything left to burn with at that stage.

For the tanks, a line graph of the damage done against them, which highlights some of the worst rounds, like the peak round in this fight with over 22k of damage done to me in 1 second ... OUCH >.<

And of course, every obsessive tank likes to look at their hit distribution against them to see how their AC is coming along.