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01-05-2008, 04:42 PM
How do you Prioritize AA Purchases?

I put this together with the help of a druid who wishes to remain unknown.

But if you want to sling any rocks sling Ďem this way

I think your current level and number of AA have bearing on this discussion.

So how do you prioritize your aa purchases and what are your reasons?

I am level 78 with over 500 aa and I put mine on clickys, damage dots and heals pretty much in that order. Although right now I am missing a few clickys and am maxing out the damage dot blood tithe lineup.

I no longer get charm clickies, they dont seem to do much for me until after I am past the content for good experiance. I know others get really good use of this but I have not. >

I try to get the first level clicky of most of them then sit on it a while to see how it does for me. Other than that stack up on damage until there is a problem healing. If thereís no problem healing, I keep putting it on damage.

For the starting druid, I think put aa in wisdom perhaps.. I think I would avoid aa in resistances.

Run 3 is good, Run 5 if you really like it. I use Run 3 and an old LDON spell spirit of the shrew but that is probably hard to get now.

Clicky Shared Cammo
Clicky Evac
Clicky Secondary Bind. If you are not a raider, this thing is more useful to you than MGB or the ones below. With secondary bind I can bind myself to an extra hard to get to outdoor zone. I have also used it to bounce between two vendors for tradeskills.
Clicky Mass Group Buff
Clicky Converge of Spirit
Clicky Remove Curse, I have the RC1 and with an old spell called pureblood I get it done, for the content Iím which is mostly pre-anguish. In a raid a cleric or someone else can do it if necessary.
Clicky Storm Strike (clicky nuke for 2x800 to start)
Clicky Natures Boon this one I think you really have to put alot in for it to be useful and its mostly for raiders. You can heal a wide area with it, like the raid.
Clicky Natures Guardian a short term 300 point dot
Clicky White Wolf (about a 20 percent mana regen increase for me, but i'm undergeared, but itís also useful for a indoor wolf form of short duration
Clicky Entrap, Iíve not found a big likening for this one at all. its a snare

I have maybe 10 aa in nukes that I put in a few years ago but now am working on Blood tithe and I intend to max Blood tithe. The big nukes are impressive but I group and solo a lot and the fire dot lineup is impressive. Iíd like to have those nukes maxed, but Iím going for the blood tithe first. After that I will have to evaluate between heals, nukes and the clicky or two that Iím missing.
Thatís sort of my thoughts and priorities on aa, and the order of the clickies.

So I tend to get clickys (level one) max damage then heals.

One technique is to get the first level of any clicky and evaluate it to see if you want more. Everyones situation is a little different.

Buyer beware; do your research for your situation


01-06-2008, 02:46 PM
entrap rank 2 has taken Snares place in my spellbook, allowing me to mem another spell,

01-06-2008, 03:49 PM
Only if u not pulling in Crystallos .... u want Serpents Vines memmed then pull with Serpent's Vines follow automaticaly with Entrap AA incase of resists which I get with both spells on drakes and it dont work on Wyverns now

01-07-2008, 11:00 AM
First off: Shrew = Run 3, so if you have Run 3, don't bother with Shrew, because they are exactly the same speed.

Next, it really depends on your play style but in my opinion, getting the healing AAs is much more important than damage ones. Face it, druid dps sucks and we don't get groups for our dps. We do get groups as a healer, if a cleric is not available. At that time, you want to be able to heal.

Mental Clarity is important, although with Out of Combat regen, it isn't as important as it used to be.

Again, it depends on your play style but if you are a raiding druid, you need the healing and cure AAs.

Spell Casting Mastery is a must, as are the Gift of Mana AAs. Spell Casting Subtlety is good, unless you always are with tanks who can lock down aggro.

As for Wisdom, I don't bother. My gear puts me way over the cap for that anyway, and even if your gear isn't very good, I don't see you really having a problem. With any of the stat ones, make sure that you are not at the cap before spending any points. Remember that Chanter clarity type spells also give you Wisdom and that on raids, other classes buffs can increase your resists. Bard songs also do this.

01-07-2008, 03:25 PM
My preference for AA for my druid, in order: ( my druid is 80, with 350 aa )

1. run3. ( eventually run5 later; saves my life many a time; in dungeons, when soe wears off at the worst time, or when soe or sow is dispelled )

2. exodus ( groups expect you to be able to evac, and love you for the group saving super fast evacs. )

3. innate cammo. super helpful all the time, not least for charm soloing.

4. some defensive aa. combat agility and stability, and shield block. eventually up to 8 for ca and cs, and 6 for shield block, but not all of this before the other items on this list. Being able to handle a few hits till the tank reaquires aggro is very important.

5. entrap2. omg this aa is the best. changed my life.

6. shared camo. saves tons of time from wipes from melee who think that their cloudy potions are good enough to get us to the camp deep in steam factory. not!

7. convergence of spirit/spirit of the wood. just enough SoW to get CoS ( SoW at level 6 ) CoW as many have pointed out, is a great life saver.

8. survival of the fittest aa. I love this spell. it is a group saver, and having it on a hair trigger for tough patches really makes a huge diff.

9. after these basics, more def aa, healing aa, mana regen aa. its all good. Since I almost exclusively charm for solo, none of the dps boosting aa appeal to me. I have an 80 rogue, and have learned from my rogue and reading rogue/zerker boards a little about dps, and sustained druid dps is so low ( not to be confused with burst dps parses on raid mobs from an ubah druid emptying his huge mana pool ), that you should only get the dps aa to help you solo or farm if you dont charm solo, imho. ( groups usually dont care if my 3k nuke sometimes crits for 6k, yawn, rogues triple bs for more than that and zerkers, wiz, necros, etc, outdo that by a landslide. )

Let me add that this is just my preference: I solo a lot, charming, and group a lot as a healer. mostly backup healer, sometimes main healer. I dont raid. If you want to raid a lot, then this list most likely is not the best.

01-07-2008, 03:55 PM
I am mostly a raiding and group (MH) druid, so here is my list:
All healing crit AAs
All healing adept AAs
Call of the Wild
Camoflauge AAs
Spell Casting Subtlety AAs
Spirit of the Wood AAs
Convergence of Spirits AAs
Radiant Cure AAs
Get to work on Defensive AAs (I was foolish enough not to start but I will soon :lmao: )
After getting these AAs I got more .... entertaining ... AAs:
DD crit AAs
Boo Boo Bear AAs
Entrap AAs
Spirit of the White Wolf AAs (Great for wipes during raids and groups hehe)

Those are what I can come up with off thin air but I plan to work on DoT Crit AAs and finishing Defensive AAs now

01-10-2008, 09:35 AM
I agree with Tanom's list for the most part but would put Radiant Cure and then Quickened Curing much higher on the list. I would probably put them above or right under Call of the Wild. As mainly a raider I could not be without these two.

Obviously these might not be so important for a non raider. Back in my younger druidly days I stuck with only RC1 for a long time just to remove tash.

02-05-2008, 11:50 PM
Great Information. Thank You :)

I am a New druid attempting to learn more about the class

Brierni Cutiepine
07-28-2008, 08:55 PM
Thanks for the refresh, 70 druid thinking of returning to the game for some stress release.