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01-14-2008, 12:32 AM
So here I am 55, finaly slowing down from the hotzone roller coaster. I was wondering if you folks had any advice on where to charm kite at 55? I have read (some of) the other threads and what I mostly saw was 70+. Can anyone point me to a list of zones (with levels preferably) that are good for charm kiting?

Thanks in advance.

01-14-2008, 07:00 AM
I have no idea what locations would work well in recent expansions (at that level), but I can suggest some locations that I used years ago.

Maiden's Eye, Plane of Nightmares and Plane of Disease were good at level 55. If you need to practice with easier mobs first, I suggest Dawnshroud at the rockhopper cave. (At level 55 the exp with the Dawnshroud rockhoppers will be very poor, but it's a good place to practice since it has an abundance of weak, charmable, static mobs.) You could try Chardok as well if you want a fun challenge.

When you reach level 63 you'll have a new charm spell, Command of Tunare. I spent a lot of time charming loroks in the north section of the Plane of Storms with this spell. Deep(er) Chardok might be fun (though again not great exp).

01-14-2008, 09:00 AM
I did indeed charm kite rock hoppers for awhile in DSP while I was hunting there for XP. So I think I have 1 on 1 charm kiting down. I will definately check out the zones you mentioned. I did attempt swarm kiting the hoppers but didn't seem to get that to work as I thought it was supposed to. e.g. I snared 6 hoppers, charmed 1, had pet attack another, and kept running tight circles, but the remaining 4 would still chase me. It wasn't until the pet was low health did they jump on him. I even deviated from the circles and would run the train right through the pet fight but they still chased me. What nugget of wisdom am I missing to get the swarm to attack the pet?

Thanks again

01-14-2008, 09:47 AM
All I can think of is you either have too much agro on them - I find if I need to cast more than just snare and command of Tunare on them, I may have more agro than the pet generates.

Another possibility is that they're not clustered tight enough when you charm them, or than you sit during the fight - that'll make mobs chase the heck out of you.

Sorry, I can't help you much on locations now though - looking around low PoP/high Luclin'll be your only real options though.

01-14-2008, 05:53 PM
an oft overlooked place is western wastes, plenty of velium hounds, bronths, and mastodons to go around. I remember doing around 1 yellow in level 61 in an hour, the mobs just kept coming it was easy, little to no running after things, that was years ago though. The seahorses and the non kos walruses in siren's can be doable, but, mostly it is a death trap so, I wouldn't recommend it. Try crypt of nadox, charm the bloodtusk beasts, run around the blackhands and mines area for decent exp. For more riskier areas umbral plains has the zelniaks that are charmable, but, they summon and are run speed immune, so, that is a deathtrap as well. I would recommend Maiden's Eye, spectral wolfs are your friend.

01-14-2008, 07:06 PM
Ooh, I forgot about Nadox, that's a good one. There are pigs charmable using Call of Karana, and you can get a stronger pig ("an exhausted bloodtusk") to pop in the central room that is only charmable with Command of Tunare. They'll even equip weapons (last time I checked) so that they'll dual wield.

I highly recommend using a pet to go camp the Sand Eroded Shell, dropped by the undead weaponsmith in the northwest section of zone. The Sand Eroded Shell is an inventory usable clicky that casts our best pet haste. This was a HUGE boon back when our pet haste had a 30 sec recast/mem time and only lasted for 7 1/2 minutes (and the best tactic was to keep a single strong charmed pet for a long period of time). Now Savage Spirit lasts for an hour and can be memmed quickly, but you may like the convenience of a clicky anyway.

A few things to be aware of: First, Nadox is an indoor zone, and levitation is not allowed. So the only decent run speed spell you'll be able to use is SoW, and that will wear off after a little while. With practice you should be able to get by without SoW; you'll need to make sure that everything is snared and that you have enough space cleared to be able to recharm safely, especially when using the slow-casting Command of Tunare.

Second, some of the higher level mobs will enrage at 10%. This will cause your pet to take a lot of damage if you're not prepared for it. The quickest way to handle it is to run into melee range of the mob at 10% standing opposite your pet, taking a round or two of hits (that should be all it takes for your pet to finish the mob off). It's slightly risky though as it is possible to get an unlucky charm break during this time.

Third, sometimes named mobs will automatically pop upon the death of a mob. Be prepared for this! (The named mobs are easy, but it means fighting two mobs back to back when you may have been expecting to fight only one.)

Fourth, I think Nadox was a hotzone at one point, which means extra named mobs and loot that the zone didn't originally have. I don't know how the "extra" mobs spawn there, but again be prepared.

Oh, about using a strong pet not being the best tactic anymore: It still is until you move into GoD and later expansions. In those zones, mobs do significantly less damage while charmed than when not. The most effective strategy becomes to use "disposable" pets: charm a pet, make it attack another mob without making any attempt to heal or buff it, and then to break charm and finish off your former pet once it's low on health. I highly recommend getting the Innate Camouflage AA by this point as it makes breaking charm at will MUCH easier. (Alternatively you can use instaclicky invis items like Boots of the Mosquito, though these are likely very rare and for the most part already snapped up by enchanters for use when charming.)

01-14-2008, 07:08 PM
About swarming kiting: It depends on the mob(s) whether it'll work, I think. Some mobs seem to be more social than others; more social mobs will attack your pet, while less social ones will chase you.

01-15-2008, 05:32 AM
I guess I feel I should expand upon the Nadox one as well. Run Speed 3 will outrun all mobs in zone, except Innorruuk but, I wouldn't worry to much about him, so, it would be a great idea to pick that up. At level 58 you will be able to with tunare's renewal effectively tank mobs with your pet pig, well assuming considering before the healing changes to choloroblast, you might actually be able to do that now. For the weaponsmith, it is an excellent gear selection. You may want to go in that area, without a pet, and dot kill the mobs until he spawns which was fairly quick.

You may want to stay away from the luggalds at least till level 58. They can be allittle rough, especially with the roots you have at that level. Since you are wanting to kite mobs, I don't remember, but, I think you can get some run speed variations with snare and ensnare, also, unfortunately I am not sure how long snare will last anymore at level 55, that may not be an option. With a run speed variation with snare and ensnare, and a decent timer on snare, snaring your pet then using ensnare on the mob you are wanting to kite, will give the kite advantage to your pet, so, you do not have to run in circles so much.

Again, I hadn't really kited killed mobs, with ample room to do so, as I just pet tanked em back in that era,