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02-22-2008, 11:18 AM
Descendents ( is a well-established, experienced raiding guild originating from the Mithaniel Marr server and presently resides on the Saryrn server. Our primary raid focus is Solteris. We are always interested in adding talented and dedicated players to our roster.
The typical Descendents member is an experienced and skilled Everquest gamer, who also leads an active and rich personal and professional life. We appeal to players who choose to raid on a Pacific time frame, and who can not or do not wish to make the sacrifices needed to raid five or six days a week. We raid three nights a week and expect to stay current with end-game content. Limiting our raid schedule means that we require total commitment from all members toward our goals.
Because of these choices, our members are mature and established individuals, both in Everquest and out. We require and recruit not only exceptional playing skills and knowledge, but also outstanding character and personality. If you feel that this describes you, and you find our raid times fit your schedule, please take a look at our guild and see if you might find a place with us. We are very anxious to work with those who embrace our values and goals.

Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Thursday: 7pm-11pm PST, Sunday: 6pm-11pm PST

Guild Website: Descendents (
Fourms: Descendents Forums (

Guild Leader: Rolalron
Recruiters: Faeinea, Peavi, Sympx