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04-04-2008, 11:32 PM
Here is the latest release of my EQ Text Triggers application, GamTextTriggers v0.9.2.

This is a major overhaul, and should now bring this tool up to up to the standard that should allow it to be a very useful raiding tool, as well as covering the needs in the grouping game.

I have focused mostly on the use of the program, making it easier to set up, update your triggers, including allowing the raid leader to update everyone's, and options to customise locations of the outputs.

The changes in this version are:

* Split the tool into three tasks:
Triggers - which are the traditional look for text, then output the required message. This would be good for triggers like Hatchet event, where for each of his actions you can issue the action you need to take.
Watches - a slight variation, where the required text is looked for, and if found, that line from the log file is output to screen. Outputting the new MOTD is a good use of this.
Timers - catches a phrase and creates a timer that counts down, to help you with your timing. You can use it to stack your DoTs, or to see how long before you can re-use your favorite discs.

* The triggers, watches and timers can be added in several ways:
Interface - You can type them in directly
Import - You can import them from a file (build using the export button)
Live update - Others can send a trigger, watch or timer through EQ, and if they are on YOUR permission list, the new line will be added to your list.

* The triggers, watches and timers can be shared to others:
Send to EQ - Places the selected trigger on the clipboard, and if you have EQ set up, you can paste it to others in guild, raid, group and tells. This is great for raid leaders to quickly add a trigger to everyone at the same time on new events.
Export - You can select several values and export them to a file. Your guild can keep sets of triggers for each event, so members can download those files and be using the same triggers as everyone else.

* Timers - Added to keep Xislaben, Stealer of Thunder, from constantly harassing me in ventrilo. /wave Xis

* Options extended. Now you can set colours, sizes and speeds for the scroller and timer windows, and also, you can move the output windows, and adjust their size to fit with your preferred layout.

* Minimize to system tray. Mostly cause I wanted to learn how to do it, but it also means you won't accidentally open up the interface when switching between sessions while boxing.

* On the first run, it will pop up a welcome and some quick instructions, then populate some basic triggers to get you started.

You can download it from the download thread:

Download Thread (


The screenshot below shows the output on screen, and a whole lot of red writing that I have added to the image. From this picture you can see I really, really like red writing. Alot.

The trigger page, showing a few triggers set for the Hatchet event.

The watches page, showing a few watches set for general use.

The timer page, showing a few triggers set for warriors.

The options page, and the way they show the output windows when adjusting them. Remember to hide the window again once you have finished adjusting it.

04-05-2008, 08:48 AM
Wow. Let me say I'm very impressed.

This looks like a great program, especially for people who don't / can't use audio triggers.

Even if you do use audio triggers, this is still great. Among the many great things is the timer.

I'm going to link your post to my guild so they can all know about this.

Unfortunately, I don't think I will use it because of the following that I see in red on a screenshot:

"EverQuest must be running in windowed mode to use the triggers."

I don't like running EQ in windowed mode. First off, that annoying blue bar across the top of the screen looks bad and takes up real estate. Secondly, the position of my UI in windowed mode is slightly different then in full screen, enough to cause problems.

Is there any way you could have the program work in full screen?

04-05-2008, 09:58 AM
Heya Fanra,

There are some tricks you can do to 'fake' full screen mode which may help you out. These are mostly about setting the window position in EQClient.ini so that the bar at the top is actually off the top of the screen, and with the window set the same size as your desktop it should then look like full screen. I am not sure if that would work in Vista, and I remember having some issues with window size on my laptop when trying it out.

Unfortunately the technique I used is only available in windowed mode as it uses Windows itself to make the display.