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04-09-2008, 08:14 AM
Hey guys,

Long time lurker here, from back in the Velious/Luclin days - played this last week/weekend and have gone from 60.99 to 63. Unfortunately, when I came back, all of my gear was missing including bank inventory and plat, and some of my AA points were rolled back (from what I remember I had, even after accounting for refunded points).

With the AA experience gain change where it's level adjusted, I'm wondering when is the best time to level AA's? I'm killing frogs in the Plane of Storms and it's been ridiculously amazing EXP - ~2 AA points per lessons (I log out after I kill the frogs). I don't know if I should just grind out a few hundred AA's at this level or if AA leveling will be similar at a higher level. I'm at about 150 AA's right now, missing mental clarity, spell casting reinforcement, sta, regen, and so on.

As for gear, after all my gear was missing a GM gave me a leg-up kit with Sylvan, so I just had visible pieces. I've since filled them in with some of the newer zone drops, and help from very kind strangers. I would now love some advice on both what to camp and what to buy in the bazaar. Some of the cheap but nice items I've heard mentioned here include Tainted Heartstone and Direwrought Mask, which I've both bought. I think the main thing I am missing are some nice focus items (lost Shawl 8 among some other things which makes me cry everytime I think about it).

I'll see if I can post a Magelo later this week.

Thanks for any help!

04-11-2008, 05:31 AM
I would not worry about the AAs so much as they have implemented a new system on Test that will allow you to gain AA faster the lesser AA you have. work on levels, and hitting zone for exp that offer Random Trash Augs (NC BoT) and grab some of that fabled stuff flying around as it is always the best way to gear up