View Full Forums : Dragoncouncil - Bertoxx Hi-end 1-2 druids

04-11-2008, 10:49 AM
DC is currently looking for 1-2 druids to fill out our druid roster.

Currently we raid sat/mon/tue/wed/thu 7-11/12pm EST and sunday 3-whenever Est.
We are now MMM flagged as a guild and ee still currently clear Solteris and tier2 Sof weekly, and of course at the moment Fabled Time and any EP god that we find alive.
We are currently the Premier guild on Bertoxx. We are a DKP attendance based guild and require 50% attendance during recruitment and probation, and there after 30% attendance to sustain DKP membership.

If you have any questions or are interested you can pm me on here, or contact Callius, Colins, Quiptos or Fluffyj on bertox via tells or in game emails or my personel email of
The Website is ( , though yes i do need to update some Fabled and Sof tier2 raids.

Recruiting is: Open for 1-2 Druids

What we're looking for:
We are looking for skilled and dedicated players, who also like to have Fun. We are not a military machine :)
We expect good knowledge of EQ and ideally of the raiding capabilities of Your chosen class.

You must have the following requirements in order to apply:
- Level 80
- Ideally Solteris flagged - Required to finish recruitment
- Ideally Mansion/Crystallos group flagged- required to finish recruitment.
- Epic 1.5/2.0
- Minimum of 500 aa but ideally 750-1000 of intelligent choice AA's
- Ideally a reasonably well equipped enough to survive raids until full raid geared.