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04-14-2008, 04:28 PM
I have returned after leaving during PoP days and I am trying to figure out what I should go back and do.

I am mainly working on buyable equipment upgrades (friends are helping out, I used to be the rich one, now they are lol), leveling, and AAs.

I have started the DoN mission stuff already and am getting myself refamiliarized with playing fairly well.

However, is there something I am missing spell wise, equipment wise, etc that I must go do LDoN missions to backfill augs/spells or should I just blow it off and do what I am doing because the stuff ahead is better?

I am level 65 (well 66 soon enough) and left Norrath with 166 AAs so I am right now working on spell slots and stat cap AAs first. I am already well above my current stat cap of 320 on wis in equipment and would love those 2 spell slots and to get the wisdom use that I am missing out on, so those two things I am guessing should be my priority.

Any AA that are must have past LDoN over the stat cap and spell slot ones?

I am a nonraiding, primarily solo, 30% grouping druid these days. Something to do when I am not getting the snot beat out of me in Tiger Woods Wii by my 8 year old! So I am on more of a retirement approach program, but I do want to get the most bang for my buck as I try to be helpful to my friends and my leveling ability.

I would like to go back and explore everywhere I have missed (nonraid stuff obviously) but first things first and I think I am on the right path, but I have read so much here and other places the last 2 weeks since my return my head keeps spinning!

Any advice is appreciated in reference to LDoN and if I should even bother there other than for fun.


04-14-2008, 08:52 PM
LDoN is dead, there is no other way to state this... I haven't seen someone forming a group to do one of these in years even for alts. The spells from there that used to be nice were the vengeance line (level 64) indoor wolf form/Spirit of the Shrew, but all of these are now researchable. The chest disarming spells are only used in one place outside of LDoN as far as I know, and that is one MPG trial. As for AAs before mnemonic retention / planar power, I would suggest Innate Camo/Shared Camo these are excellent utility AAs and lifesavers when you don't have time to invis you and in some cases your group when you are in danger. Also another utility AA that I'd buy before the AAs you'd mention would be Exodus, an instant cast evac is invaluable. Also as for your aug question, the LDoN augs are trash compared to what you can get questing and grouping at level 65+. So pretty much what I'm saying, while LDoNs were fun (I personally thought they were a nice break to the monotony of a grinding exp group) they have no value to progressing your character with the game in its' current state... However that being said it is a game so if they are fun for you, go for it :).

04-14-2008, 10:13 PM
Thanks again Daldaen.

I have Innate Camo and Exodus already from before, I was always our pulleranywhere outdoors adn most places indoors when the monks were sleeping and the rangers were fletching. Especially back in the days of PoF and WW.

Our normal gang includes another druid that is picking up the Shared Camo this week so while I agree on the value, I will make her keep us covered first! ;)

04-15-2008, 09:33 AM
For spells that you should be getting ..... I suggest u get Remove Greater Curse which is from LDoN era but is researchable now. Another spell you attempt to get is Pure Blood from the LoY era, useful spell for many raids if u plan to attend any and is easy to get. One last spell I suggest for now is either Moonshadow at level 70, Lunarlight at 75, or Crescentbloom at 80. Moonshadow is receive by doing Skylance 3: The Laboratory mission in the PoR era. Lunarlight is by working faction on Katta in the TBS era for the Rk. 2 version. Crescentbloom at its basic form is receive by buying from Seyan Ebonlocke ( for 755pp 4gp 2sp 6cp in Hills of Shade in the SoF era. Out of the 3 I would suggest you attempt to get Moonshadow as it is the cheapest mana wise and the other 2 are not that much of an improvement ..... I believe Crescentbloom is only 500 or so better HP heal. Good luck

04-16-2008, 03:37 AM
If you are looking for augments samanna's website has a GREAT writeup of good augments, from augs you can solo, to groupable, to raid level. look here :

And here :

Just click on the aug name and it will send you to lucy's, then from there it has a link to the quest write-up on, which tells you exactly how to get the augs.

Couple points of advice for a few easy augs:

1--->this task :

The hardest part is getting past the huge statue guardians in direwind, bring a friend and have them train the mobs away while you run in seemed the safest.

2--->Another easy aug is slipgears gem, with a few deaths and some exploration you get this aug :

The first task will yield you the aug, then accept the other 4 tasks from cartographer slipgear and your aug will keep increasing in power as you complete tasks.

3--->Go to infected paw off of south karana and kill random trash mobs till you get "an unmasked changeling", and he drops :

4--->With some help from your friends and a little patience jonas dagmires skeletal hand should be attainable for you :

These augments plus the ones on samanna's website should be fun and challenging for you to work on.

04-16-2008, 04:00 AM
And as for experience at lvl 65, id go to Deadbone Reef in TBS.

From the druid rings, run streight north, past the goblins and various animals, till you get to the island in the extreme NORTHEAST corner.

On the west coast of that island are various snakes and lizards. They do not assist each other and you can run around and around, no adds will bother you as long as you avoid the sharks in the water.

as an aside, there is a named there that is an easy kill, does not summon, and drops :

From my experience, having seen him several times, he seems like a rare spawn and any of the beach mobs could spawn him.

04-16-2008, 10:09 AM
Super info, thanks

Kind of a shame an entire expansion has become obsolete, but there is definitely plenty to keep me busy the next few years. :)

I have been reading tons and you pulled a few out of the woodworks I had missed.

Thanks much.