View Full Forums : Magna Charta - Euro Raiding Guild on Bristlebane (Sol Ro) Server is Recruiting

04-16-2008, 04:51 AM
Magna Charta, the European time raiding guild on Bristlebane Server is now recruiting!

We are a multicultural European guild whose main languages are English and German. We raid Sundays – Thursdays every week, from 3pm CET on Sundays and from 6:30pm CET during the week. Our current targets include high-end TSS targets, Solteris and SoF raid targets.
If you are level 80 with 800 or more AAs, and you can offer 40% raid attendance or higher, we want to hear from you! Hop on over to our website ( or contact a member of the Invite Team (Jasmeene, Semolini, Teechammusco, Vesula and Yinla) in game for a chat.
(Please note that if you do not quite meet our requirements, it is worth making sure you have an up to date magelo and contacting a member of the Invite Team to see what we can work out!)

Vesula Lithuin
Invite Team of Magna Charta</o></o>