View Full Forums : Limited Task / Bank Space + Poor Task Design: SOE Answer?

04-23-2008, 07:39 PM
If you haven't been following it, on SOE's The Veterans Lounge forum, there is a thread about the poor design of Tasks.

This is not the first thread on the subject but it appears to be the most commented on yet. Basically, SOE went out of their way to design Tasks to clog up your very limited Task list as well as your bank.

So, after over 40 posts on this subject, Dev-Ngreth finally "answered". In the past, Devs "answered" by saying that processor power prevented them from having more tasks that "watch" you loot an item, as opposed to just letting you collect them any time and hand them in to the NPC.

This was countered by players saying to just make the tasks hand in tasks, or, allow players to make tasks "inactive" and "active", thus you can have 19 active and 100 inactive tasks and when you are ready to proceed with it, make it active.

The latest "answer" from Ngreth was to the effect that "memory" prevented them from keeping track of our progress on tasks. He didn't bother to answer 99% of what people were saying.

Pretty lame "answer" and I called him on that. Really, SOE Devs must be in political office, from the lack of straight answers we (don't) get from them.