View Full Forums : The Forgotten Travelers -- Classic Only Guild On The Combine Server

04-24-2008, 05:27 PM
Hey there. We're a guild on The Combine that only plays old world zones and only wears old world gear (no hotzone loot or fabled loot,) along with not using PoK, Nexus, or asking for ports in general chat. Here is out guildportal, but it really isn't that up-to-date, and I can't seem to convince our members to post on it =P:

I believe we only have one active druid right now, so we could really use more for their healing and porting capabilities. We could use pretty much any class, of course, since we're still a growing guild that is only about a month old, but porters and healers are nice to have.

So if you want to go back to a time when druids (and most other classes) were more fun to play, then shoot Foxbox, Foxboxx, Foxboxes, Auledus, Grishnakh, Longinus, Dosar, Machendrae, Ancientowl, Ancientasp, or Arkanjil a tell.

We're having quite a lot of fun, so come join in on it! We're currently only playing in the original world, but we plan to eventually open up Kunark and Velious.