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04-28-2008, 02:49 PM
I am looking for any way that myself or myself with another druid partner (shes 71) can get the runes needed for 69/70 spells since they are no drop.

I bought all my runs for 66 and 68, 67 runes are twice as much money as 68s *boggle* plus it also looks like if I just level to 71/72 the 67 spells are a moot point anyway.

Some of the 69/70 spells I would really like to get so any suggestions would greatly beneficial. Right now my play hours are pretty off of the rest of my friends so we are kind of looking for alternatives that she and I can manage or I can manage alone - if there are any.

04-29-2008, 02:40 AM
Level 69 and 70 spells that come from runes can be researched. Check for the recipes (you'll need help from an int caster with a high research skill to actually do the combines, though). In general, each researched spell requires a single dropped item based solely on the level of the spell, which drops from just about any mob of the appropriate level.

There is a "cleaning" step (a research combine) for that item; you can collect or buy the pre-cleaned version in the bazaar, or buy the cleaned version in the bazaar. Since the resulting spells are tradeable, you can buy the spells directly too.

Level 69 spells: Shabby Runic Vellum (Runic Vellum)
Level 70 spells: Sooty Fine Runic Vellum (Fine Runic Vellum)

At the moment the quested spells can't be researched, though in the next expansion that might change. Off the top of my head, the quested 69-70 spells are:
Serpent Vines (69, DoN)
Spore Spiral (69, DoD)
Dawnstrike (70, DoD)
Moonshadow (70, PoR)
Barkspur (70, PoR)
Aura of Life (70, PoR)

And then of course there are the two "Ancient" spells from Anguish, Ancient Chlorobon and Ancient Glacier Frost. The only way to get those is from Anguish or Demiplane raids.