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05-04-2008, 10:38 PM
Oathbound = Red
Forsworn = Green
Inquisitor = Teal
Oathbreaker = Blue
Ethernauts = Purple
Against the Void = Grey
Bridle of the Mystical Kirin
Bridle of the Seething Chimera
Bridle of the Shadow Panther
Bridle of the Snow Leopard
Bridle of the Viridian Cragslither
Bridle of the Crimson Cragslither
Bridle of the Guardian Wrulon
Bridle of the Cursed Kirin
Bridle of the Plagued Cragslither
Bridle of the Wrulon Warder

Potion Packs
Ping's Poignant Potion Pack
Ping's Palliative Potion Pack
Ping's Protective Potion Pack
Ping's Practical Potion Pack
Ping's Prodigious Potion Pack
Ping's Pellucid Potion Pack
Ping's Penetrating Potion Pack
Ping's Peregrinating Potion Pack
Ping's Petite Potion Pack
Ping's Peaceful Potion Pack
Ping's Pinning Potion Pack
Ping's Propagating Potion Pack
Ping's Punctuality Potion Pack

Kiss of Erollisi Marr
Tear of Tranquility
Title: Hero of the Inquisition
Title: Hero of the Oathbound

Visage of Queen Pyrilonis
Visage of King Gelaqua
Visage of the Screaming Banshee
Visage of the Crystal Golem
Visage of the Phased Scrykin
Visage of the Emperor Draygun
Visage of the Brownie Noble
Visage of King Gragnar
Visage of Nillipus
Visage of Queen Pelzia
Visage of the Bixie Drone
Visage of the Hideous Harpy
Visage of the Kobold Serf
Visage of the Stone Gargoyle

Nimbus of the Plaguebringer
Nimbus of the Burning Prince
Nimbus of Growth
Nimbus of the Faceless
Nimbus of the Rain Keeper
Nimbus of the Ocean Lord
Nimbus of the Wisp
Nimbus of the Tranquil

Rallosian Claw Ornamentation
Rallosian Blade Ornamentation
Rallosian Club Ornamentation
Rallosian Spear Ornamentation
Rallosian Dagger Ornamentation
Rallosian Staff Ornamentation
Legendary Norrathian Standard
Draconic Blade Ornamentation
Draconic Dagger Ornamentation
Draconic Fist Ornamentation
Draconic Great Blade Ornamentation
Draconic Great Hammer Ornamentation
Draconic Hammer Ornamentation
Draconic Spear Ornamentation
Tunarian Blade Ornamentation
Tunarian Dagger Ornamentation
Tunarian Spear Ornamentation
Tunarian Staff Ornamentation

Familiar of Lord Nagafen
Familiar of Hulcror
Familiar of the Girplan Guardian
Familiar of Lightningcaller Vhalek
Familiar of the Stone Hive
Familiar of Lady Vox
Familiar of Queen Eletyl
Familiar of Ze-Thuuli, the Granite Claw
Familiar of the Bitter Brownie
Familiar of the Gorged Eye
Familiar of the Phased Scrykin

05-04-2008, 10:48 PM
If you guys want me to add descriptions to any of this stuff let me know .. I am clueless as to most of this stuff...
Who knows what the + mana cap familiar is

05-05-2008, 04:57 PM
i never played card game.... is it hard to get loot? I may start trying it cause some of the loot looks nice, any suggestions?


05-05-2008, 11:35 PM
You do not need to play the game to get these loot cards, just buy and open the packs... but if you have bad luck you can buy and trade the packs for loot cards... Good luck!!!