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06-04-2008, 09:02 AM
It has been a while since the last update, so you may expect the new version to have absolutely heaps of cool new features with all that time to work on the program.

Well, expect away ... unfortunately, most of that time has been taken up by working, raiding, grinding and starting some toons on another server, so I have only had time to make a modest list of updates.

This latest update was geared more towards user friendliness, lowering resource use, and batman mode, as I have been assure that all the best programs have batman mode.

So, on to the list of changes:

Fader is now an option, and the default. You can still use the original scroller.

The fader will just fade in the message, leave it sitting in the one spot, then after a few seconds fade it out again. If a second message appears while the first is still up, it simply shifts the first message up.

The fader uses MUCH less system resource (2% of what the scroller needed), so it should no longer create lag like the scroller had done.

Revamped the output resizing. The original resizing tools were hideous. I have now changed the way you resize the windows, so it now creates a drag box in the top left, and bottom right corners of the output window so you can drag them around with the mouse to get it just the way you want it.

/LOG ON reminder. Now, after GamTextTriggers has been running for 5minutes, if it hasn't seen any action in the log file, it will pop up a message asking if you forgot to turn on logging. I mostly did this because ... well, I often forget to turn on logging.

Batman mode! You can now enable Batman mode on the settings page. Just set the size of the critical hits, crippling hits, critical blasts and exceptional heals. Set the numbers high so you get a surprise from time to time, or set them low and spam yourself.

Colours, now you have more of them. After a few requests for more colour choices, I have now added in a bunch more. I will be still using the yellow myself, but I even had some exact shades (in RGB format) given to me so I can create the shade that they wanted.

Edit button behavior cleaned up. Now when you hit edit, it puts the details of the line back into the edit area so you can change them, and when happy use 'Set' to accept the changes again.

inor usability changes.
* On first run, it will open the 'Log Open' dialog automatically.
* Changed the default of OTM to include a single quote as 'OTM so it doesn't get triggered by a spell with the letters 'otm' in its name.
* You can update entries using the enter key rather than only by hitting the 'Set' button.
* You can now have mega messages, so for guilds that like their MOTD to read like a book, you can now display it all as a trigger too.
* Hidden all output windows from tasklist, so they can no longer be accidentally selected when Alt-Tab is used.
* Made the outline of the messages and timers more complete, with a drop shadow on Fader/Scroller messages, so now the text should be more readable against light and dark backgrounds.

You can download it from the download thread:

Download Thread (


ZoK! BAM! FAP! Shazzam! and some hearts all have a chance to come up when you have batman mode enabled.

Resizing the Timer and Fader/Scroller windows just got a whole lot easier