View Full Forums : Xegony - Draco Invictus is looking for a few good druids!

06-11-2008, 10:00 PM
Draco Invictus is presently looking to add skilled players of all classes and druids are currently high need. Applicants will be considered in scale with the content we're currently doing, which include TSS progression (FC and AG) as we advance towards Solteris. On occasion we still farm Demiplane of Blood for 2.5's and last bloods.

DI is essentially an Eastern Time Zone guild, though our start times are usually later than other TSS+ Xegony guilds which is also good for PST players. Our weeknight raids normally begin at 8:30 p.m. EDT and continue until around 11:30 p.m. We offer a less hard-core environment than most other guilds at our level, with the realization by guild leadership that real life is a priority for many people. We normally start earlier on weekends. Formal nights off from raiding are offered usually on Wednesday and Friday.

We are looking for mature raiders with a strong desire to progress to end-game zones. A good reputation is mandatory for consideration as an applicant. We ask that you be level 80 with at least 300 AA's, although exceptions can be made, depending on our needs.

Contact any DI officer in game or our recruiters Danaeka and Shureck if you have any questions regarding our guild or our application process. You may either post your application in the appropriate forum at (, send an email to (, or PM Shurlok on our guild forums. There is no waiting period for applicants for full-member privileges, with the exception of 2 weeks before you have the ability to bid on loot.

Please read our membership FAQ at ( for additional information and our required application format.