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06-22-2008, 05:38 AM
Hey all, been reading this board a couple months now. I just started back up on Everquest and it's taken time to get back into the grooze of things. A lot has changed for druids in the time I've been gone so there's been a lot to get used to. As it stands, there are several new spell lines for druids to play with. Before I stopped I had managed to squeeze most of my important spells into my spell bar and that worked for pretty much any occasion minus the time or two some specialized spell was needed or I was doing my whole line of buffs.

With these new spells for druids though I no longer have room to just pack in everything, at least not all the stuff I had before. I was wondering if you guys could reccomend spells to keep memmed.

If I miss anything new, please feel free to add. I'm not saying these are spells I feel I should keep memmed, just new lines I've noticed.

1. Debuffs. We get loads of them now, a ton of which stack. Seems like Ro's is the most effective one for debuffing atk and FR and such, should I have more than one of these up? (please say no)

2. Vengance dot line. This looks like a keeper to me, it actually prompts me to use at least this one dot in a normal fight. And if I solo this stacked onto my other fire dot line and my magic dots really add's up for dps. And it actually makes me want crit dot aa's too.

3. our dawnstrike/reaping inferno whatchamacallit lines. I know they're different... er... are they? I kinda know what these do, but in general I don't see a lot of enthusiasm backing them. Is it worth my time?

4. Our big nuke with high dmg short duration dot. This... Looks soooo shiny. I don't have it yet but I want it o-o is there any huge downside to this I need to know about?

5. winter's flame line. This also looks pretty sweet, assuming you're fighting stuff that doesn't particularly resist either fire or ice. Which is a general assumption for me.

6. emergency heal. question, we get this at 75, adrenaline somethingoranother? it procs a HoT sometimes? is this worth my time? I don't plan to keep this memmed much unless im main healer, it seems mostly like a "oops I screwed up this guy is dieing" thing.

7. group heal. this REALLY intrigues me, I've always wanted oen of these and spirit of the wood is really the closest we've gotten... Til these. unfortunately they all seem REALLY hard to get. the lvl 70 one is the arcstone quest that no one wants to do anymore, the lvl 75 one is katta missions that only a slightly higher number of people want to do, and the lvl 80 one is... well it's lvl 80 and im not and its really expensive ;_; Seriously though, im guessing this spell rocks aside from the absurd mana cost? ... can you TGB it?

8. our divine aura line. Seems... ok... honestly if im going to die, its either because i dont have enough time to hit convergance of spirits or i dont have enough time to hit exodus. if neither of those will save me i doubt this will either, it'll just sit on my spell list taking up space like a fat kid eating all the pudding at school. I mean i'll GET it, but is this even worth keeping memmed? really???

If I missed anything new feel free to contribute. I didn't take into account new aa's since... those only take up space on my hot buttons list and I can switch those around whenever I feel like it.

For the record, my general spell list is as follows:
1. complete heal (though i use it less and less as my quick heals get that much stronger).
2. main nuke (normally fire, but ice if they resist).
3. Magic type DoT (I like to keep this up in case I need a dot, I atually like our fire one more but that can be resisted more easily imo, and I prefer not to take chances and switch stuff out).
4. highest quick heal (duhur, what druid doesnt keep this up).
5. Ice rain spell (this spell is my love child, this + main nuke = yay damage, sometimes I switch it out for my fire dot though).
6. Root. The kind that doesnt do damage. I know it's kinda dated but I like it. If I ever need quick damage I stick my stun spell someplace on this list.
7. Vengance DoT (nice because I almost know I can always use it in even regular fights from the low duration).
8. Buff slot
9. Buff slot (these are normally group DS and regen, i cast our long term buffs first and trade them out for these. if theres someone else in the group with a etter DS or regen i trade out one of both of these for something else mentioned, sometimes debuffs if we're against tough mobs).

I know it isn't the BEST set up (and yes, i have done away with snare. entrap wins the internet). any suggestions what I could do to improve my setup? Most of the new spells I listed I don't have yet. I'm 72 at the moment but when I DO get all those spells I want to know what to use. What I've listed is just a general setup for regular play. Solo play i tend to go heavy on the dots, raids it varies, and grouping generally follows the same setup though it can vary for some zones/mobs.

I know this post is real long winded. For anyone who even just took the time to read it, thanks. :) And thanks extra if you can contribute anything, I appreciate the insight. Thanks :D

06-22-2008, 01:47 PM
Well by going doing the question list:

1. I would go with Hand of Ro, Fixation of Ro, Icefall Breath/Chillvapor Breath, Hoar Frost/Gelid Frost. For the ice debuffs you need to be 72 and above. Hand of ro will debuff Fire Resist by a great amount (72) and add a attack debuff component. Fixation has an attack debuff that stacks. Icefall is a cold resist debuff and an AC debuffer which should always go b4 Hoar frost as Hoar is a highly resist cold attack debuff.

2. Use the Vengeance Line dots, fire line dots, and 2 magic dots from the same line. The spells in the Fire line dots dont stack with each other nor do the Vengeance line dots stack with each other if I remember right. The magic dots stack with each other. You can also add the NBW dot line so u can have at least 5 dots on a mob like that.

3. Dawnstrike/Solarsliver are DDs that will proc 2 different procs by chance. One proc will make it so that your following DDs will do an increased amount of damage for a time. The other proc will make it so that your following DDs will great decrease in the amount of damage it does. I personally dont use this spell line anymore which is the same for most druids because of the decrease of DD power. Reaping Inferno is a brand new spell we got with the recent expansion. It may only be used if the mob is below 35% in health and is a DD that only takes one second to cast to be used as a 'get the kill' nuke. It however has a rather long recast timer and usually the dps in your groups take out the mobs before you have time to cast. If you do kill a mob with this spell you get a proc that will increase the following DDs you cast for a short period of time. I personally use this a good amount soloing and raiding if I get the chance to dps it does serve well as raid mobs have too much health for it to burnt quickly enough so that u cant cast this spell 5-10 times.

4. It costs a high amount of mana. I only use it when I get a gift of mana proc from the AAs of the Gift of Mana line.
5. I just use it for soloing as it has a hate proc in it or the warrior is extremely skill in holding the aggro. Just use Hand of Ro and Icefall/Chillvapor Breath on the mob b4 using this spell and you shouldnt have problems.

6. I almost always keep Adrenaline Surge/Swell on ........ it serves greatly in soloing/grouping/raiding situations. However it does not have a HoT proc. It procs a mellee mitigation buff that appears in your short duration buffs window.

7. Group heals does help to an extent. Yet it does not serve a priest class at all. The paladins do get a stronger group heal while ours is only from 1.5k to 2k plus the added factor that our groups heals cost above 1k mana draining us quickly if we need to use it repeatedly. I would just work on getting Moonshadow (Level 70) as it is the least mana costing and only about 500 below the strength of the Level 80 group heal Crescentbloom. Just get some heal focus and you should do fine with Moonshadow.

8. By Divine Aura I am assuming you mean Second Life and Preincarnation. This spell line is a life saver for both Druids and Shamen. By random chance you will be granted with a DA for a short amount of time with a heal component if your health reaches 0. (To me it seems that it only procs when u dont need it hehe). Preincarnation at the moment is bugged. It is suppose to do the above and allows give that chance to group members if you dies yet it does not so oh well. Just stick to Second Life.

I usually have 9 different spell sets so yeah you are gonna have to adjust your spell line when u need to. But generally I am a raiding druid so my spell line is to keep people alive.
1. Adrenaline Surge Rk. III
2. Pure Life Rk. III
3. Moonshadow
4. Second Life Rk. II
5. Aura of Life (Pure Blood/Remove Greater Curse/Chant of the Darkvine Rk. II if the situation calls for it)
6. Ironwood Skin Rk. II
7. Hand of Ro
8. Chillvapor Breath Rk. II
9. Gelid Frost Rk. II
10. Survival of the Fittest Rk. II

06-22-2008, 09:48 PM
Thankyou, that was all very helpful :D

My only concern is you suggest getting moonshadow, but no one seems to want to do those quests anymore. it's a huge chore getting the people together to do it... Is crescentbloom really that hard to get/expensive??

06-22-2008, 11:22 PM
No its not if your level 80. Crescentbloom Rk. 1 is purchaseable from the level 80 spell vendor in Hills of Shade, Rk. 2 is dropped in Crystallos and u need a Level 79/80 rune from the Tier 3 and up raids in Sof for Rk. 3. get it if you think it best but I do recommend Moonshadow as it costs less mana and as I said ...... Crescentbloom is only about a 500 hp heal increase from Moonshadow. You do not have to do all 3 Skylance missions. Just grab an enchanter, rogue, monk, necro, or a shadowknight who has done all 3 missions or at least the first 2 and let him/her grab the mission. He will be doing most of the work for about 15-30 min, then with a tank and some dps you go in and kill named. This will end the mission give you some loot and your spell.

06-24-2008, 02:16 AM
Hmmm, well if I can get moonshadow then I guess it'de be better. I've just tried to find people for it a few times and no one ever wants to. I'm begining to wonder if I'm going to have to offer to pay some people to just help me. =/

Anyway, do you have any other reccomendations on spells that might be useful? new or old?

06-24-2008, 05:24 AM
Yeah be sure to have Remove Greater Curse and Pure Blood. Rest is just the basics and what u figured.

06-25-2008, 01:15 AM
are they really that necissary? what about radiant cure?

06-25-2008, 08:10 AM
Radiant Cure is an AA, and if u get all the AAs for Radiant Cure including the one to decrease recast time it is still 2 minutes until u can recast it so I would suggest u get these.

Cuba Apricot
06-26-2008, 08:49 AM
While i do agree with you that Remove Greater Curse and Pure Blood is 2 very important spells.. I must admit i wouldent be able to live without Radiant cure. Sure it had recast time. But the fact that is an AA means you can cast a spell , hit radiant cure, then cast again. Which in the end can save a tank/group imo :)

06-26-2008, 11:31 AM
I never did say dont get Radiant Cure. In fact you should. But he was asking what spells not AAs.