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07-08-2008, 08:38 PM
I've been gone since Omens of War and, quite frankly, I have no idea how to play a druid anymore. I'm level 69 with what I think is reasonable gear. I don't want to risk joining a group as a main healer to get in the swing of things because I don't think that's fair to them when I don't know what I'm doing :P

Anyone have any tips for where to safely solo to get the hang of the class again? When soloing, which spells do you keep on your hotbar (9)? How about when you're healing in a group?

Sorry for the dumb questions... just not sure where to start.

07-09-2008, 01:11 AM
Being a druid and our ability to mold to most situations, our casting bar is always changing. For generic healing when that is all you are focusing on here is a standard healing bar I would set up with:

1-A fast casting DD to finish a mob at low health if tank dies
2-Karana's Renewal (depending on the area, only use this if you have been in the camp awhile and you are finding your heals not that frequent)
3-Chlorotrope, your main heal at this level
4-Direwood Guard if you have it, if not Succor
5-Ensnare, if you have entrap this isn't necessary
6-Savage Roots/Spore Spiral, the ability to root CC or root mobs away from your group while they finish off other can save many dire situations
7-Hand of Ro, cast this either on incoming of the mob because it's hate generation is low or right as the tank has attained aggro, makes mobs hit their max hit less often
8-Sun's Corona, same as above.
9-Reptile, if you don't have this then fixation of ro(same as above 2)

As for 7,8,9 all the attack debuff spells, Hand of Ro, Sun's Corona, and Fixation of Ro are used when you are having a tough time keeping the tank up but are never to be used to substitute where a heal should have been casted, their effects aren't that drastic. For 5,6 if you have someone to snare and some CC you can put whatever you like in there but when I group, I like to know that I am able to snare or root a mob that is coming at me.

Okay on to your safely soloing question, if you didn't hear flags have been removed from many zones up to PoR, so the Elemental Planes are open to all characters above level 60. Druids can take full advantage of this while they can easily kite PoFire tables. A spell setup there would be:

Ice DD
Wasp Swarm
Swarming Death
Winged Death
Savage Roots/Spore Spiral
abye Ice rain spell?

And for this the mobs in PoFire have tiny aggro radius so harmony isn't necessary just make sure you dont pull them ontop of each other and you are good. Pull with snare then root then load 3 magic dots mabye clicking epic or any other DoT clickies you have in between and reroot when it breaks. If you are feeling overweighted with mana then burn them acouple times