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08-06-2008, 02:27 AM
Been playing for a month now after a long break. How is my stuff? I'm thinking of getting a gnoll shamam earring for the focus and i have a heatstone of memory aug for it +90 mana. What should I upgrade first?

08-06-2008, 05:54 AM
The charm. There are several to choose from, but the easiest decent charm is the serpent seeker's charm of lore. You can get it to fairly decent stats easily. You can also do the wanderlust charm aug at the same time. Most of the charm and aug can be done without a group or raid but to max out the charm you will need raid drops. The aug can be nearly maxed solo. There are better charms but this one is simple to do, it just takes some running around. The rest of the gear is decent for groupable gear, but if you can get a good group then go after some steam cores and get flagged for crystallos to get essences for your scratched hide gear. Crystallos also has some decent gear that drops from squires and a couple other mobs. I'd suggest getting the cores for your class otherwise you'd need to spend 50k pp to convert them. You will also need to work on crusaders of veeshan faction, but if you get into crystallos then the faction will come fairly quick....relatively speaking.

08-07-2008, 12:40 AM
Ok got that mostly complete. Whats next?

08-08-2008, 08:02 PM
Do jonas dagemire's skeletal hand aug tasks. It's decent aug that fits both type 7 and type 8 aug slots. Also you can work on the shield of the otherworld aug and the model XLII spatial temporal oculus. These will take a group and time to finish. Most of your gear is as good as it will get without being crystallos keyed for essences and hunting down steam cores. I would make that a priority as the gear is as good as some raid gear. Also there are several turn-ins left on your charm and more to be done on the aug as well....unless your profile hasn't been updated.

Some of the tasks involved in those augs I mentioned, can be done solo, but you will need a group to finish them.

09-17-2008, 04:16 AM
You Should Probably think about a Heal Focus the Chillform Choker is your best bet (DSH Drop). I gave up my Elegent/Sublime/LB Glove for TSS glove just for the healing Focus. On the Other Hand I heal in a lot of places. So It really depends on your play style. I am 80% of the time Main Healer in my group and I am the Wizzy Group Healer/Cure/DSP on raids so Healing Focus is a must for me. Weather you are soloing in Loping/Beza/Zeka or Healing in SHIP/Steam/Cryst plays a big part in gear selection these days as well as AA selection. But the Choker is really common and you might be able to pick it up in the baz for 200pp so toss it in you back and wear it when you are the MH.
As Far as the rest of your gear you have a lot of BB gear and that is great but for you 8 slots of Visable armor I would say start trying to get BMK/FM/Mech Guard groups and work on your Scratched Hide Armor this is upgradable to Druadic Hide _______ Armor with Druadic Steam core (rule of thumb +100 hp/mana with steam core to SH). I posted my guild guide to SoF armor as well here so take a look at that has clickable links. Finish your Charm Aug it is soloable up to FC (note Frostcryt you will need ITU to get your updates) that will take you to 67hp/hama on the aug. There are what i would call epic augs for TSS/TBS/SoF expantions called Shield of the Otherworld/Jonas Dagmire's Skeletel Hand/Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus that are graet type 7/8 Aug Quest. Also there is the FC/AG augs for you visable gear Glorbglop (MMM) Percisely Weighted Timing Gear (Mech Guard) Diamond Studded Coldain Historical Seal (Thurg Monster Missions) amd all of the Hot Zone Augs (random drops). That should keep you busy for some time. And could probably carry you to lvl 80. Though with the new expantion coming out next month I am sure new armor will pop up as well leaving you even more options.

Edit I left out Crystallos since looking at your gear though possible it willl take work to get there and seeing how you do not show a guild on your magelo it would be even that much harder to become flagged for Cryst. It is easily a group task and I have gotten many people flagged for cryst doing golems and Beza/Zeka doc runs as the main healer it still takes a well equipted group to do it or a small raid force of lesser equipted people.. I hope this helps you and gives you some Ideas and were to place you efforts