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09-13-2008, 12:50 PM
Is there anything in Ruins of Illsalin that is soloable by a lvl 73 ghetto druid? Seems like most things summon and eat soft and squishy druids like me.

Thanks for any help. I just need a place to pop into when I have an hour or so to solo.

Robart Defuego
retired, unretired, retired and unretired....dang SOE

09-14-2008, 01:38 AM
Skin of the reptile and Barkspur along with other DS spells and then tank them down. Keep hot potions and spam heals.

However I would suggest that instead of this you go and charm kite in Icefall Glacier, best the mammoths then when u like 77-80 go to Loping Plains and do gators or worgs

09-17-2008, 02:55 PM
Not Sure that RoI would be the way to go. Since SoE made Sunderock a hot zone, you might try there. Loping is an alright place to solo you should be alble to handle it at your level. Plus you could do Minos/Worgs/Orcs for Fanbreakers faction to get those RK II spells when you get the Lvls. I like Zeka Ent myself but you need a good mana pool to effectively kill there fast.

09-18-2008, 10:58 AM
I second the suggestion of charming mammoths in icefall. Just be weary of mobs that con yellow / red. The lvl 71 charm spell can only charm animals up to lvl 73. There are a few 74-75 mammoths out there - Large and Eldar.

Other suggestions I have include root rotting mamoths / bears in Icefall, quadding at tables in PoFire (mobs still DB to you through lvl 73), root rot basilisks in Sunderrock. The "a stonefin basilisk" ranges from lvl 63-70 and the elders are from 67-69. All those Basilisks crawl very slowly when snared. Also there is root rotting or agro kiting the snakes at the greenhouse in Katta Castrum.

But imo, if you can get down your reverse charming technique - the mammoth's in icefall is your quickest route for exp.

Another option I have for you is the "Fenden quests" in Dragonscale Hills. I honestly am not sure of the minimum level requirements to obtain these tasks but I'm sure you can get them at 75. The "quick errand" and 2 different "special favor" tasks are simple run here and do that. When I reached lvl 76 and got the new harmony spell, i was also able to solo the "quick combat" tasks to kill Minotaurs, Wind Nymphs, and Orcs. Combine these with the "reducing the threat - Wereorcs" task from Tyrinam in Loping Plains for a bonus reward every 20 kills! You can get these "Fenden" tasks only once per 17 hours from Fenden. But when you rack up like 7-10 completed tasks and do turn ins for rewards (exp & faction & faycitum in some cases), you will see the exp bar jump! If I recall correctly, I was able to get around 20-25% reg exp from turning in 11 of these types of quests.

To read more info about these tasks click on the Fenden link below.

Fenden in DSH (

Good luck to you Robart!