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10-09-2008, 10:40 PM
These are the missions I could find from Oceangreen Village zone that are available at this time.

Good Seeds
Received from Yvette Miller in the village, say I will find some.
Deliver 5 Handful of Grain Seeds, can be looted from any non-infected animals.

Arms of the Dead
Received from Dan Hearthpride in the village, say bring you.
Deliver 10 Rusted Blade Fragments dropped from the skeletons in the zone.

Paint Supplies
Received from Viktor Snowborn in the village (roams to the ruins east to the east of the village), say I can get them.
Deliver 1 Fine Bear Skin.
Deliver 3 Wolf Whiskers.
Deliver 4 Wild Blueberry Branch. (From rats)
Deliver 4 Wild Bloodberry Branch. (From rats)

A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight
Received from Apothecary Cadmael in the village, say I'll investigate.
Head to Temple of Bertoxxulous and kill human model NPCs until you get all 7 types of scraps *No drop and Lore* (Note that the task updates if you destroy one scrap to pick up the same one from a corpse but for the next 2 steps of the task you still need to have the other scraps you didnt get). After you complete collecting the 7 scraps and turning them in you will get 2 items that tell you what to say to begin the next phase of the mission ..... but why bother trying to figuring it out I got the info right here!!
One of the phrases following must be said in order to start the event (it is random for each quest):
1. May an unholy blight wash across these lands The boon of disease shall open the path for the return of the Lord of Pestilence
2. We foul our bodies with the blight we worship the Disease Lord with our flesh All hail Bertoxxulous the Unclean One
3. Bertoxxulous blesses us with corruption We call upon the Disease Lord to send a herald of divine pestilence
Head back to Temple of Bertoxxulous after turning in the scraps to Apothecary Cadmael in Oceangreen Village. Now head to the northern most room in the zone and clear it. When done go to the middle of the symbol at the bottom of the ramp, and do the phrases (If you didn't think of it when you read them earlier you should have hotkeyed them). Then after the task updates the named Vaxztn the Purifier will pop after a short time, he is undead and has a knockback. Kill and return to Apothecary Cadmael ... Now you will be able to get a group mission.

A Corrupted Arch Priest
Received from Apothecary Cadmael in the village, say storm. (Must do A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight) *GROUP MISSION*
Enter the Temple of Bertoxxulous instance by saying ready to Apothecary Cadmael.
First you need loot 6 badges from the 3 nameds: Disease Knight Cronvair, Handservant Vicco and Putrifier Moldows (An added bonus to the badges is that they prevent the dot in Arch Priest Cronkle's room). They are snareable so you can pull all the way to the entrance. They are all north of the zone in so MY suggestion is to clear the left path first towards Putrifier Moldows, he is in the room PAST the room where the left passage leads to (this means he is in the secret room behind the bookcase). Next clear the right path and ignore the room to your right. Disease Knight Cronvair is in the large room. Handservant Vicco is in the room past the knight same deal. Now you finished the first task, normally you would clear Arch Priest Cronkle's room before handling him, I however am too curious, creative, and lazy to do this. There is a secret passage in the room Handservant Vicco was pulled from that lead to the altar where Arch Priest Cronkle is standing on. HE WILL NOT LEAVE THE ROOM. Now what we did was put tank in the corner BEHIND THE ALTAR because you will avoid the adds AND not be hit by the dot even without the badge clicked (Yeah I'm that lazy and cheap). Figure out how to get him single to the corner with a FD puller while the rest stays in the passage and you kill him there. Gratz you win in one of the easiest ways after you hail Apothecary Cadmael.

Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die
Received from Apothecary Cadmael in the village, say storm. (Must do A Corrupted Arch Priest) *GROUP MISSION*
Enter the Temple of Bertoxxulous instance by saying ready to Apothecary Cadmael.
First find Sculord Heyanti (Approach the South East door). Now the task tells you to find a key, this is dropped by Machinator Grengwar (has an undead pet called a wretched skeleton) who is in the secret room behind a bookcase in the North West. Next you need to find another key, this is dropped by Prime Lector Quillok who is in the largest room to the North East. Now you can finally unlock the door. After doing so you must kill Scumlord Heyanti who is in the southern most room. The room RIGHT BEFORE Scumlord is filled with a dot so you cannot invis to him. When dead return to Apothecary Cadmael. Now you are able to request The Bubonians Are Coming.

The Bubonians Are Coming
Received from Jerom Bertrand in the village, say destroy them. (Must do all the missions from Apothecary Cadmael) *This is a 2 group mission* You desperately need good dps and a mezzer for this.
To enter you must say ready to Jerom Bertrand.
First you must kill Plaguebearer Kalcik (North of the entrance and extremely close) and Plaguebearer Scil to the south of the entrance. (There is also a named *Swarm Mistress* to the south of the entrance that is for attunable loot)
Plaguelord Musca will spawn in the small room NE of the entrance. He will pop 2 tsetsian creeper it seems every 20 Seconds, at 70% health he will run. (Evac is suggested at this point) He will now be in his original spawn point but this time he will spawn 2 a festering ooze (proc slow cast) instead of a tsetsian creeper and then run at 40% to the room north of his original spawn point. Now he will have 2 tsetsian soldiers with him, in the previous versions he popped more and more but now the soldiers just repop over and over (it seems that the named casts this so try stunning) at the same time healing Plaguelord Musca by 5%. At the 25-30% mark he will pop some random stuff.
Afterwards return to Jerom Bertrand in Oceangreen Village and hail him. It seems that having him against a wall does help in breaking the adds some as they pop outside the map sometimes. Have fun!

10-10-2008, 11:37 PM
Added info for The Bubonias are Coming after doing it myself. The person that was able to get it said that he received no indication of anything else to follow after it.

10-11-2008, 09:24 PM
Added Information for A Secret Hidden in Plain Sight, A Corrupted Arch Priest, and Remove the Head and the Disease Will Die. (Before the last mission)
Edited The Bubonians Are Coming.