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10-23-2008, 09:33 AM
I saw this posted on the eqclerics site.

Since I have never participated in research, I would like to learn. Our new AA / skill will now allow us to research.

Written Prayer - lvl 51 required, 3/3/3/3/3
- Increases max skill for research by 10 points a rank. Skill will start out with a 200 cap.

I do not see written prayer in my skills list so I assume I have to spend 3 AA's to get the skill and it comes with a 200 skill beginning. If I add AA's to that, obviously the cap will increase to allow me to research higher end spells.

For a Druid, I guess if I purchase the first level of this AA, I will be awarded the skill "research" at 0 with a cap of 200 should I choose to skill up to that point. If I want to go higher, then I need to use additional AA's to raise the cap in order to do higher combines. Since I have never researched, I have a few questions if anyone can help. Thanks.

1. What do we Druids use to do the combines in? Medicine Book?
2. I assume by the description that I can ONLY make Druid spells. OR, can I make other things too like different spells for other lesser classes (smile) or tomes?
3. This sounds like a potential money maker in bazaar if you can make the higher combines and create some competition. Agree or Disagree?
4. The tradeskill tropies include research. Can I now, as a druid, earn a trophy too?

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10-23-2008, 02:54 PM
You need to go to a guildmaster to learn the basics of research.

The cap on the skill is 200.

This aa, is adding 10 to that cap. So first level, cap is 210, etc maxing this aa will allow you to go to 300 research.

1. druids have the priest container, i do not recall name off top of my head.
2. druids can make any PRIEST spell.
3. it is not likely as pure casters will maintain a significant advantage over us.
4. trophy will be usable by druids with next patch, currently it is set as pure caster only. Also, you have to get it early or you may be unable to complete the tasks for the trophy until Ngreth can make a new set of tasks.