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11-19-2008, 06:39 PM
Hey all,

I'll try not to make this the 1,000th "returning druid" post, but well, I am.

Basically the big thing holding me back right now is lack of cash. I quit the game in '04 with 200,000pp only to come back and realize that my bazaar alt was low enough level that it was purged from the system. So I came back to the game with 9gold ;p Now I'd like a merc, and potions, and spells, etc, but can't afford them.

So the question is, at level 68 with defiant armor/trio jewlery (and spells up to like 64. lol), what's the best way to make money? I don't really like tradeskilling, but it's an option if it's easy and far outweights killing.

My main source of income right now are the daily hotzone tasks which isn't exactly a ton of money. haha. Any advice is appreciated.


11-20-2008, 12:53 AM
Ouch! Have you tried petitioning to see if the character can be restored?

11-20-2008, 01:31 PM
Oh, I had written it off as a lost cause, but that's a good idea. It's worth a shot at least. I think I got an e-mail from SOE a few years ago warning that low-level inactive characters would be deleted (when they did the server merges, maybe?), but at the same time, I still have an old level 12 character and I think my bazaar mule was 20.

11-21-2008, 02:30 AM
Go to Sebilis. Kill as many frogs on top level as you can, they are quick and easy, or at least for me. The Flawed Defiant on most servers, should net you some better change than the elaborate models, as people do twink and stuff still. Also, collect the gems, they sell to vendors. The lower end research stuff yields fairly decent plat in bazaar as people use it to skill up. Do not worry to much about the spells. they do not sell well. Believe it or not because Sony has failed to update the low end items significantly, you can off the named, get some fairly decent money out of twink items, Singing Steel helm comes to mind, as well as fungi, Breath of Harmony, hiero cloak.

If that doesn't Float your boat, Hill Giants are still a viable option. Crypt of Nadox can work well to, if not better than seb, because there is crap to charm and fight with. They drop gems as well, and in certain areas like luggalds, they will drop intricate defiant gear, which sells better than elaborate does. Nightstalkers in plane of nightmare drop gems as well. That will get you started.

After that head for Nobles causeway, head to Ridge Runner Drunt and Aggressive Murkglider camp, with your merk or solo if you want/can, and camp them. They will net you your missing spells from 66-68. If neccessary, they also make decent plat on the runes as well, again, lots of people need those runes still for twinks.

11-21-2008, 07:34 PM
That's perfect. Thanks much, Palamin.

I've been doing the Drunt/Aggressive camp for spells, but since my whole group needs 'em it'll be a while before that's profitable.

It's interesting, what you said about the lower level stuff selling better, I'm finding that very true. Items from Sunderock and NC have sold for very little, but an item from Zlandicar sold for 30Kpp.

It makes sense -- gear for higher-level mains is typically group gear while gear for twinks are typically store-bought, but yeesh, what a disparity. Whatever the reason, it seems like twink-gear (and vendor-gems) is the way to go.

12-09-2008, 01:20 PM
Well if you want some easy cash, You can usually find Rank 2 spells for sale in the bazaar for pretty cheap prices. Usually the SOF ones sell for 2-300 pp each to vendors but people often times sell them for 100pp or less. Its just a bunch of running around but can pay off pretty well.

Foraging Ranthok Roots in Loping Plains sell pretty well on most servers. If you have a N52 speed pad you can auto forage through the night and get some pretty serious plat. The Goblin fort area seems to be the best spot imo. You also get some acorn forage that sells well too.

I quit worring about plat after the last expansion because I have more than I could ever spend, but those might help a little