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12-09-2008, 04:32 PM sees two months behind bars in her future

(12-09) 10:37 PST SAN JOSE -- A San Francisco woman who advertised herself as a psychic has been sentenced to two months in jail for bilking a love-sick customer out of $108,000 and talking her into buying her a sports car in exchange for purifying her of evil spirits, Santa Clara County authorities said today.

Lisa Miller, 27, of San Francisco victimized a woman who "sought her out because she was in love with a fellow who was not returning her affection," said Deputy District Attorney Cherie Bourlard. The woman contacted Miller in 2005 after seeing a newspaper ad that offered a $10 reading.

Miller convinced the woman that she was cursed and needed "spiritual cleansing," authorities said. The woman gave Miller $108,000 from her checking, savings and retirement accounts as well as cash, jewelry and gift cards. She also financed a Corvette for Miller, authorities said. USA, a non-profit foundation that studies philanthropy in the United States, in its 2008 report found 33.4% of estimated total giving, $103.32 billion, went to houses of worship and denominational organizations in 2007.So when churches bilk Americans to the tune of over $100 billion a year for spiritual cleansing, it's not only tolerated, but heavily subsidized by my earnings.

But when a "fortune teller" does the same thing, she goes to jail.

I like the fortune teller scenario better, and think it should be applied to all the con artists.

12-09-2008, 04:51 PM
Hmmm... interesting comparison.

We have a hierarchy of delusions. If you exploit those who hold to a certain set of delusions you can get tax free money. If you exploit those who hold a lesser respected set of delusions you go to jail.

I think if I were the fortune teller's lawyer I'd be thinking "Supreme Court". Not that they're likely to get a fair hearing in today's SCOTUS.