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03-01-2009, 02:20 PM
What Do They Know? (
Excellent posting. This pretty much sums up what I've always thought about financial gurus. They don't actually know much, they just state their opinions with a lot of certitude.

It's weird and disconcerting that after all that has happened there are still so many experts out there willing to dispense wisdom with utter assuredness, day after day, despite having been so spectacularly wrong in the past. Their confidence saps my own. For those of us in the advice business -- and this extends beyond just investment advice to everything else in our lives that now exists in the firm grip of uncertainty -- the challenge is: How do I tell people what to do when prospects are so grim and outcomes so completely unpredictable? How do I acknowledge the limits of what I know while still maintaining credibility?

It sort of sounds like this dude is writing himself out of a job. :D