View Full Forums : Gamewide Clickies (+ Mana Regen)

03-14-2009, 05:34 PM
All of these are stackable with the Familiar of King Gelaqua + 5 mana regen

Knowledge of the Past II +12mana/tick +8hp/tick
Dragonforged Earring of Charity - Tjudawos - Crystallos Raid
Purified Silverstone of Warding - Vyskudra - Crystallos Raid

Knowledge of the Past +11mana/tick +7hp/tick
Alloy-Coated Back Protector - Breakneck - MMM Raid
Battle Torn Cloak - Two Gods - Solteris Raid
Cloak of the Sun God - Two Gods - Solteris Raid
Metallic Spark-Shawl - Power Station - Steamfactory Raid
Obsidian Scale Cape - Lethar - Ashengate North Raid
Woven Cloak Of Darkest Night - Two Gods - Solteris Raid

Chaotic Enlightenment +10mana/tick +6hp/tick
Buckler of Unliving - Emperor Draygun, the Lich King - Nargilor Raid
Earring of Dragonkin - Overlord Mata Muram - CoA Raid
Jewel of the Harvest - Wirlem - Loping Plains Raid
Vermilion Orb of Clairvoyance - Mayong Mistmoore - Dpob Raid

Breath of Selay II +10mana/tick +10hp/tick
Earring of Dragon's Fire - Kildrakaun - Crystallos Raid
Porous Stonegirdle of Recovery - Kerafyrm - Crystallos Raid

Breath of Selay +9mana/tick +9hp/tick
Crystalline Shoulder Pads of Gelid Winds - Beltron - FC2 Raid
Perpetually Spinning Gear - Bargangle - MMM Raid

Reyfin's Random Musings +9mana/tick +6hp/tick
Crystal-Adorned Cloak - Squire Tectoran - Crystallos
Earring of Pain Deliverance - Pixtt Kretv Krakxt - Tacvi
Tectonic Shroud of Crystallos - Squire Tectoran - Crystallos

Maelin's Methodical Mind +8mana/tick +5hp/tick
Dark Sash of the Master - Ironhorn - Steam Factory
Gem-Inlaid Ritual Cloak - Keeper of the Altar - Ikkinz
Girdle of Efficiency - Shell of the Master - MPG Efficiency Trial
Sash of the Slavers - Ironhorn - Steam Factory
Shadowed Amulet of Anarchy - Chest - Epic 2.0
Shawl of Eternal Forces - Quarm - Time
Visor of Distorted Vision - Chest - Epic 2.0

Aura of Taelosia +7mana/tick +7hp/tick
Eron's Jewelry - Eron quest number 7
Lana's Crystal Shield - Queen Pyrilonis - RSS
Pendant of Discord - Zun`Muram Yihst Vor - Tacvi
Swirling-Storm Shoulderguard - Squire Zirkanamef - Crys
Verok's Bauble of Aberration - Ritesmaster Verok - RoI
Zirkanamef's Stormhide Mantle - Squire Zirkanamef - Crys

Aura of Eternity +5mana/tick +5hp/tick
Celestial Cloak - Bert - Time
Chaos-Imbued Leather Leggings - Chest - Epic 2.0
Darkened Tome with Silver Runes - no longer drops
Discordant Leggings of Betrayal - chest - Epic 2.0
Eron's Geared Jewelry - Eron Quest number 6
Fabled Celestial Cloak - Fabled Bert - Time
Findlewill's Shroud of Eternal Night
Glyphed Greaves of Conflict - Chest - Epic 2.0
Irestone of Sharp Sight - Qvic - Iqthinxa Karnkvi
Lightning Blackened Chain Greaves - Chest - Epic 2.0
Muramite's Shield of Legend - Zun`Muram Volklana - Rcod
Shroud of Dusk

Koadic's Heightened Focus +5mana/tick
Aegis of Discordant Matter - Weapon Master Vtiink Vzaan - Ferubi
Fabled Shawl of Awakenings - Fabled Emperor Ssraeshza - Fabled Ssra
Koadic's Robe of Heightened Focus - Emperor Ssraeshza - Ssra
Roan Mask - Myrhee the Flighty - Bloodfields
Shawl of Awakenings - Emperor Ssraeshza - Ssra

Boon of Recovery +3mana/tick +3hp/tick
Fabled Orb of Lost Souls - Fabled Thought Horror Overfiend - The Deep
Orb of Lost Souls - Thought Horror Overfiend - The Deep
Shadowed Storm Sphere - Shei Vinitras - Akheva

Lunar Whispers +2mana/tick
Earring of Spirited Mind - LDoN Raid: Rujarkian Hills: War March of Imal Ojun
Eron's Reconfigured Jewelry - Eron Quest 5
Moonshadow Cloak - Gazz the Gargantuan - Bloodfields
Talisman of the Burrower - no longer drops
Twilight Shroud - Diabo Xi Va Temariel - VT

Soul Clasp +2mana/tick +2hp/tick
Phylactery - Quest