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03-18-2009, 04:14 PM
Rest in Peace on The Tribunal is recruiting DRUIDS!!

We are looking for people that play on a regular basis, are consistent, team players, and have a good handle on their class. We want people that have positive attitudes, and who fulfill their roles to the best of their abilities. We are looking for raiders. If you are online when a raid is called, then you are expected to attend. We want people that are loyal and will put their guild first, themselves second.

Raid times: 8pm-midnight eastern Sat-Thur (Fridays are off nights)
Playtime desirability: 4x a week
Content: We are currently progressing through the Discord Tower while farming lower-tiered SoD targets as well as Crystallos.

** If you are interested and close to meeting these requirements but fall short in a few areas, please contact our Recruit Officer as these can be adjusted for the right player.

Key requirements:
- Void E
- MMM Static
- Crystallos Static

- The following flags are a bonus but not required:
-- Discord Tower key
-- Void F + Stardouser
-- MMM Raid
-- Crystallos Raid

- AA Requirement: 1,200+
- HP Requirement: 20,000+
- Mana Requirement: 22,000+

** An up-to-date Magelo profile is required at the time of application.
** If you do not maintain a premium Magelo account please make sure that your EQPlayers profile is visible and current.

Some of our recent accomplishments are:
* Mindblight (guild/server first) 03/08/2009
* Rallos Returns (guild/server first) 02/24/2009
* Eriak's Downfall (guild/server first) 02/23/2009
* Brothers Zek (guild/server first) 02/23/2009
* Mindshear Avatar (guild/server first) 01/26/2009
* Venom Lord (guild/server first) 01/12/2009
* Pallorax (guild/server first) 01/11/2009

As you raid, you are allocated points that may later be used to bid on drops. We reward attendance and the expectation of future attendance. You will not likely get any loot during your recruitment period, although you will be credited with attendance points. Recruits are sometimes allowed to bid on drops if no present member wants them.

Our website is: (

Or you can contact our Recruit Officer Jessaya in game or send an email to (

03-20-2009, 02:13 PM
You can also contact me if you have any questions (I'm the leader of RiP). :)