View Full Forums : Sequel on Maelin is recruiting !!

03-20-2009, 04:19 AM
Maelin Starpyre's oldeset active raiding guild Sequel is actively RECRUITING!

Here is a chance to join the oldest surviving active raiding guild on Maelin Starpyre!

We are looking for a few good players of most classes, especially DPS and healing classes.

We welcome server transfers.

Anyone with high play time, good spirits, and good AAs will always be considered!

Here are a few things that can help:
* Level 80
* A good pile of aa's
* Ability to play your class well

We are willing to take people without raiding experience as we can then build up your raiding skills based on how our team works together.

Our current targets include:
* MMM and equivalent SoD targets on farm mode
* Crystallos and equivalent SoD targets on farm mode
* Korafax and Rathe targets for progression

We are a non-mandatory raiding guild.. ie we think of "not raiding" as how you would treat sick days at work. If you're online and miss raids once in a while np, if it becomes habit it is then obvious your heart is in the wrong place. We encourage participation. We average about 99 percent raid participation.

To expand on "non-mandatory raiding guild", and to hopefully answer a few question we get about this:

- Sequel raids 6 days a week, from 8pm to 12 am EST. Thursday is our exp day.

- Sequel does not require that you attend 6 days of raids in order to maintain membership (though it helps as an app to get voted in).

- Sequel does not require that you attend raids if online, however it is of course encouraged, though our members want to raid so this is not a problem.

If you have any questions, send tells to Slackqueen, Hedbonker, Kelhben, Ratblaster, Rylilki, Laeadasea and of course, myself, Gamanern.

Visit us at