View Full Forums : Spells Level 71+ Sold Easily by Vendors?

04-27-2009, 06:31 PM
I was worried about getting my Druid levelled up due to the heavy time needed and difficulty in obtaining PoP amd OOW spells through the drops.
BUT.......are all spells starting at level 76+ bought from vendors? Did Sony change its mind and make obtaining spells easier? It seems that way from but I wanted to confirm.

04-28-2009, 02:15 AM
Starting at level 71 the rank 1 versions of the spells are vendor purchaseable, minus the The Buried Sea spells, those require faction and doubloons. Good luck finding someone that wants to do that again. They weren't researchable either when I last played about 6 months ago. Your level 71+ rank 1 spells were more than adequate to ease you through the leveling process.

I would suggest also, unless you really just absolutely need your level 69-70 spells from Omens, just skip them for the rank one versions in a few levels. I skipped them on my ranger do to the horrid drop rates, poor randoming numbers when they were current content, that and I had to do lots of pickup groups, so, I had to share amongst 2000 other people on my server, and their alts, looking for the same thing. Had tier one armor quests(minus legs and bp), dragorn militia cloak quest and several other things along that faction line done that were decent and a pain in the booty timesinks done. Sometimes, you just gotta hate Sony.

Or Ridgerunner Drunt in Nobles was a fairly easy way of doing your 66-68 runes, plus there are a few other named that drops runes nearby, leave the fecund alone he spawns adds during the fight, nasty little guy. Also, Splitpaw has a bunch of elementals that drop research components in the 65-70 range. They do not summon, but, the entry has a few wanderers, and the wavecrashers are clerics that cheal a few times so enjoy.