View Full Forums : Epic 1.5 Gobline Event......HELP!!

05-12-2009, 10:28 AM
Sorry for the caps, but I am trying to do my Epic 1.5.
I got everything I needed for the Goblin event in Frontier Mountains. It began. I saw Goblin Hiders on track, one at a time. I kept trying to track one, but I could not find it. The Goblin Hider kept switching directions on track, getting lost in the hills, that I only ran into Goblin Seekers. I could not find one single Goblin Hider.
The event eventually ended and now I have to start gathering the Foraged items and everything from Droga all over again to make the disguise.
I am ready to give up. Has anyone failed at this event? Is it a frustrating difficult event?
I started myself at the north end of the Giant fort when the event began, but I still could not locate a Hider. I only found two on track total, I thought there were four.
Please any tips would help.
I have folks telling me in game that there are better weapons, but as a Druid I was so proud when I got my 1.0.
I feel as a Druid, who played on and off since 1999, that it is a matter of Druid pride to have my epics. Please any tips would help.
Thanks you :)

05-19-2009, 05:58 AM
Been a while, so had to dig deep to recall this event §;-)

I found mine in the south western erea of the zone. But they can be tricky, take your time - and look all over the place - again and again and again...