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05-21-2009, 11:02 AM
Hello all. I played eq for years then went to eq2. ( I left eq around OoW) I recently bought the expansions to try to start playing eq again. I used to love to go hunting/ killing solo or to group. My question is , are druids still effective with kiting, root/ rot?? I have tried also to use my aa charm and it won't land on the animals, they resist. It could just be the areas/ mobs I've been trying to kill, but I got stuff summoning me also. My favorite part of the game was I could solo or group. I used to make lots of cash for spells etc by hunting, but now with stuff summoning me etc..Its not just big mobs either, even the lil turtles in Natimbi summoned me. I don't know.. I had a cat gate on me the other day, that was fun. I know I've been gone a long time and realize things have changed , but I'm just wondering if its even worth trying to come back now. There's lots of new areas/ quests etc..but if I can't do some of it solo...Well I'm just trying to make a decision about staying so any info/input would be appreciated. Sorry if there's a post here on this stuff that I've missed...Thanks all :shuffle: .

05-22-2009, 12:19 AM
Well, since you metion Natimbi, here are a few things i used to kite:
cragwalkers, hynids across the river from the port in area. Pull them to the hill and kite or root/rot. In the water i used to root/ rot reef crustacean, saltwater longnose, tide feasters. Further up the open area across the river from the port in area i did restless souls (undead). Any of these mentioned mobs will summon if you are after the named version of them.
On spells...SoE yourself, snare them then hit them with Glamour of Tunare, this lowers their magic resist and over all i feel makes other spells land easier. then kite or root/rot. Also consider charming one mob and sicking it on another...more risky but once you get the cycle down charm/use pet to kill other mobs/break charm when pet health is low(invis breaks charm)/charm new pet/ kill old pet/ rinse...repeat. The xp rolls in. Good Luck out of time here and hope this helps.

Wolfey ShadowSpirit
05-31-2009, 02:50 PM
I came back after being gone for 4 years... I was level 52.. I soloed my druid to that level mainly because I like to solo.. SO I started out checking the old stomping grounds, then did some adventuring.. I became aware very quickly that my twinked druid of the past was wearing ancient outdated gear.. SO needed to upgrade..
I am now level 67 and find that the game is just as fun as it was back then. DIfferent zones, lots of room to expand, and some pretty cool gear now that makes the twink gear of yesteryear look like merchant trash..
If you have Seeds of Destruction go get you a mercenary. You wil be amazed at what you can solo :) Kiting isnt necessary if you have your merc wacking on the mob as your tank and you just snare, dot, keep your merc health up, damage sheild etc.
Not sure what level you are, but the Steppes is a great area for solo work. You can kite or use your tank merc, either way works good. Not alot of aggro though the elementals on the 2nd step do agro. And the giants further back to the left also aggro.. The loot is good, and the XP is good as well. YOu will find that the merc is very handy to have.. Get the highest level merc you can. Journeyman Teir 1 is the best until you get to level 70 I was told. Once you have some cash, check out the different gear now available. The defiant gear line is rather nice. Also check into quests gear. SOme really nice stuff that can get your stats up..

06-02-2009, 09:13 PM
The AA charm is dire charm, and only works on mobs level 46 and below. Use the spell-based charms for higher level animals.

Better mercs than T1 Journeymen are available as you progress through SOD, not necessarily by level.

If you're moloing (merc soloing), don't forget the ATK debuffs (Hand of Ro, etc)... they help immensely.