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05-26-2009, 02:36 PM
Looking for a good place to do quests and AA experince. I really don't get into the charm soloing. Don't have SoD yet so I can't hire a merc yet. I spend HOURS trying to find a group, but just wind up wasting my time. Everyone on my servers seems to be higher lvl and/or is using mercs. I have almost full intricate defiant gear. I am mainly looking to do quests.

Where can I find decent solo quests at my lvl for reg or AA exp? ( w/o charm soloing)
Once I get SoD and hire a merc, where could I go from there?


05-26-2009, 04:49 PM
You will most likely want to look at TSS (serpents spine expantion). It is the best place for doing quest around your level due to them being plenty with good rewards making them worth your time. Blackfeather roost would probably be your best option due to the number of animals there are and the sizeable amount of kiting area. It is a tiered zone requiring quests to move up to the next level of it, but they aren't all that bad. I highly suggest using allakhazam to research specific quests etc. Soloing Plane of Nightmare is also a good option for experience, however the quests that you can solo leading to PoN are few and far between.

05-28-2009, 04:56 PM
Now: POValor turn left at Zone in there is a cave. Pull the fiends from outside. Or go to POD and pull near Zone in.

At level 57 you can go to HOHonor and try root-dot the basements (avoid sentries because they are immune to run speed change). If too much resists go back to POV for a couple of more levels then try again.

At level 60 you can go to POFire tables. This was THE best solo exp place before SOE raised level cap to 70, I believe. Again if too many resists go back to HOH for a couple of levels then try again.

Uhhh, forget it. You were looking for quests. How about your epic 1.0?

05-31-2009, 01:04 PM
Be sure to ask the taskmasters scattered around about quests. They will send you to different zones and help you explore :)

Slipgear's Gem is my favorite quest right now. It's a hoot, although the Hive can be tough and you may have to really work to find your way into the Queen's part. I have done it twice shrouded as a level 5 goblin rogue and once as a level 65 goblin rogue with Dead Man Floating and sow potions, but you can also do it with your own druid spells and IVU potions.

Blackfeather Roost is my home, and has been for quite a while. I travel elsewhere but always come back here. Do you have Lesson of the Day? If so, kill all the named mobs before you pop it (they are easy but take too long to kill to get fast exp), and then grind away with LOTD. At 65 these mobs are light blue and I can still make about 6 AAs in half an hour just tanking and nuking them (I'm trying to max defense before I level up). If you go up the ledges, many of the harpies are still dark blue to me at 65, but I haven't fooled with them yet because you definitely don't want to tank them--even the second ledge harpies can hit for over 400. They are best done root/rotted in as safe a spot as you can find. The few I have killed were very easy though. There are quite a few quests you can get on the first level of Blackfeather.

By the guild hall entrance in POK is a hotzone taskmaster, if you ask him he will give you tasks for the hotzones which result in some pretty fair gear.

Hope that helps a bit :)

06-04-2009, 04:29 PM
I know the feeling. I have left and come back to EQ multiple times since 1999.
I know you like quests, but don't forget about grinding when it's fun. I think I did Elysians at your level and the drops were great.
But for the bext exp, the PoP zones cannot be beat at your lebel. PON is aces. I lived there. Find your way into HoH once you hit 61.
I am finally in POF at level 69.....I may be years behind everyone, but I am having fun.
I loved the quests in WoW. In EQ the only quest I ever did, and loved, was my Epic 1.0. I tried for the 1.5 but I gave up after bein unsuccessful chasing around the Hidden Goblins in FM.