View Full Forums : Looking for a change come join us on Test Server

06-07-2009, 07:30 PM
Greetings Druids! TSF (Test Server Friends) is recruiting a couple of active druids to round out our raid force. Level 81 is a must along with a reasonable amount of aa's (~500). TSF is not a guild but a group of individuals interested in progressing Test Server to end game content. In 1 year since reforming we have progressed from Odeen to beating several events in Crystallos and completing all of tier 1 SoD. We're looking for a couple of good druids that will allow us to make a solid push into SoD in the coming weeks. We raid 3 times a week and each raid lasts approximately 4 hours. Raids start Friday 7pm CDT, Saturday 6pm CDT and there is 1 floating weekday. Usually Monday or Wednesday 7pm CDT. We typically have full raids including a couple bots that we are actively trying to replace with mains. You can copy your live server druid for free by simply typing /testcopy while logged in. You enter the Test Server by using the app (testeqgame.exe) in your everquest folder. Once you are here enjoy no cross server plat spamming, all vet aa's, double xp and a very friendly community. Join any or no guild. TSF does not care about your guild affiliation. Visit to sign up and for more info. Thank you and good luck, druids.

08-22-2009, 05:46 PM
Just a quick update and reminder. We are still on the lookout for any available priest classes to join TSF. We are just about finished our farming of Crystallos and are concentrating on Tier 3 SoD raids. Any priest class level 80+ looking for a fun raid org post an app and come join us. Simply type /testcopy on your home server, post an app on our boards below and come give us a try. Visit for more info.